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ActiveTextbook Turn your vision into reality by creating your own version of an existing PDF or textbook. Give it a dynamic touch, jot down notes, add video/audio clips, and discuss materials with your readers within your interactive content. Use Active Textbook to learn, teach or simply share your documents online – it's easy! 

Features :

Publish Courses: Upload PDF files to the Active Textbook server and overlay click-to-view resources – we call these hotspots – to incorporate teaching content from various sources.

Use Supporting Files & Multimedia: Include helpful resources in your course that will aid your students in their learning, such as videos, supplementary documents, links to web pages and various images (diagrams, graphs, etc.). Jump start this process by using resources you already have!

Customize Learning Path: Organize and optimize your course’s navigation by adding a table of contents to ensure your students’ learning paths will be easy to follow.

Create Quizzes: Create custom quizzes and anchor them to specific locations in your Active Textbook. Adjust the various quiz options to suit your needs - whether it is to assess your students’ understanding of the material and review the results, or simply to introduce checkpoints for self-assessment.