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Bad Ideas Rock!  A Lesson Every Startup Should Learn

Bad Ideas Rock!  A Lesson Every Startup Should Learn | Startup Revolution |

How Bad Ideas Become Good Ideas

Haunting, miserable and heartbreaking failure is nothing anyone every thinks will happen to them. Yet, failure is a necessary step says this Inc process post every startup should read.

Inc's focus is on how bad ideas impact design, but truths shared, far from self-evident, are good to learn. Bad things become good things by recognition and listening. Bad design becomes a good design by tweaking, testing, and more listening.  

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Haunting miserable failure is a necessary condition of good design. For every charmed life capable of creating winning design from the jump there are thousands that must fail first. The "Charmed" are clearly exceptions to the rule as this Inc post shares. 

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30 Lessons In Startup Creativity via JODOROWSKY'S DUNE

30 Lessons In Startup Creativity via JODOROWSKY'S DUNE | Startup Revolution |

Greatest Movie Never Made & Lessons Learned
"To fail is only to change the way," says Topo and Holy Mountain director Jodorowsky in this must view documentary for anyone trying to create anything. Such an important documentary I'm double posting here in Startup Revolution and in Design Revolution.

Here is what I posted in Design Revolution, the 30 Lessons in Creativity from watching this magical film:

Greatest Film Never Made
"What is he purpose of life," the director Jodorowsky asks in this must view documentary film for any creative, "to create a soul". The amazing creativity and vision of El Topo's director is shared in a series of linked stories.

Much like any creative's mind, this film flies between the surreal, heroic, mystical and crazy. Stories about Orson Wells and Pink Floyd are rich in "sounds true" detail, but pales in comparison to the "I can't type that fast" advice shared.

Advice such as:

* Be all in.
* Be a prophet.

* When it comes to missions THINK BIG (something important for humanity).
* Start with clear ideas, but find and respect "light of genius".
* Challenge people to find their best.
* Give Morning Motivation speeches.
* Your VISION should become OUR IDEA.
* OUR Ideas become art.
* When you think you are looking at a rock its an object & vice versa.
* Lucky enough to meet a prophet FOLLOW HIM.
* Be supportive of others.

* Transport people. MOVE THEM.
* Look for and work with WARRIORS (life is too short for anything else).
* Imagine and then imagine again.
* No such thing as "too far".
* Let the work rule.
* One man's obsession is another man's art.
* MOTIVATE others.

* If you can Seduce Salvador Dali DO SO.
* Create enigmas.
* If chance puts Dali at your hotel, send him a strange note.
* When you find a clock in the sand discover who lost it.
* Create MOVEMENTS and ART with your life.
* If Dali asks you for a helicopter, GIVE IT TO HIM.
* Dali gets you Giger, Giger gets you Magma (and so on).
* If you can get a meeting with Mick Jagger, TAKE IT.
* If Andy Warhol invites you to the FACTORY, go there.
* Plan everything, Plan Nothing (chance).
* When you see Orson Wells in a Paris restaurant, send wine.
* Live a EULOGY Life not a Resume Life.

That last bullet picks up on a great David Brooks TED Talk I wrote about on LinkedIn yesterday: 

Hope you are living a Eulogy Life. Jodorowsky sure did. I had to be shoved kicking and screaming on the Eulogy train by the Big C. Glad I got on this train even if it turns out to be the last train from Clarksville :). M

Are you a "plural being"?

If you FAIL it's not import. It's important to try.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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The Tunnel is Dark, but the Future is Bright

The Tunnel is Dark, but the Future is Bright | Startup Revolution |
Inspirational thoughts for entrepreneurs in tough, tough times.
Via janlgordon
Aaron Biebert's comment, November 20, 2011 2:26 PM
Jan, thanks for sharing my post. I think it's an important topic for entrepreneurs and I am very grateful for your support.


janlgordon's comment, November 20, 2011 4:23 PM
I read your blog everyday and I love the work you're doing. I'm right there with you. You're a shining light for many people who take the road less traveled. Keep up the great work!
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7 Things I Learned As A 2nd Time Founder

7 Things I Learned As A 2nd Time Founder | Startup Revolution |
I built and launched my first startup a few months ago. Although it failed, it just fueled my entrepreneurial fire to la…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

So true. Each time around the merry go round I learn more. On my 4th startup and still looking for the magic tipping point were easier and money go together (lo).

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3 failures and 3 Lessons -The Entrepreneur As A Young Man In London

3 failures and 3 Lessons -The Entrepreneur As A Young Man In London | Startup Revolution |
Over the past decade I have founded a number of companies – seven, in fact. All of them are still running, even though not all have gone well.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The best lessons almost always come from miserable, heart wrenching failure.

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