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Snapchat Eats the WORLD

Snapchat Eats the WORLD | Startup Revolution |

Snapchat V Twitter

To say Snapchat is eating Twitter's lunch may be a vast understatement. Twitter is awash in problems while Snapchat seems to be eating the world. 

Angela Heath's curator insight, June 7, 5:56 PM
OK baby boomers.  Apparently we need to be into snapchat now.  Oh boy.  I thought that was only for my college-age son!
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Launched: Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now!

Launched: Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now! | Startup Revolution |

Got Busy and LAUNCHED Near There Now Today:

@NearThereNow on Twitter

NearThereNow on G+

NearThereNow on Facebook

NearThereNow on YouTube

& promptly made a mistake calling Jack Reacher James Patterson's creation instead of Lee Child. sigh, all good since now I get to use iMovie to fix it and learn more about how to edit movies :). M

Oh, and drove 457 miles to Columbus. Amazing HOW MUCH is needed to launch even a little idea these days.

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Entrepreneurship Through Lens of Venture Capital: Jules Maltz, IVP On Customer Retention [video Stanford]

MS&E 71SI: Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital: Disruption in Venture Capital The course explores disruption in venture capital and how successful startups navigate funding,...

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This is a class at Stanford so it takes a bit for this video to get going, but stick with it as late stage investor Jules' thoughts on customer retention and his 5 Things are worth listening to. Great thoughts on "creating retention".

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Why Startups Should Use Mindful Curation with Judy Gombita

Why Startups Should Use Mindful Curation with Judy Gombita | Startup Revolution |

Startups &
This is a great interview with a knowledgeable curator - Judy Gombita. Startups are in a constant state of frenzy. They must create content, but they are creating other things too like a product or a company.

Most startups abandon content marketing until after they launch. That is a mistake. Start sharing content NOW and is a great way to share because it uses your Twitter feed to create one of the most powerful, "Get more done with less effort," content curation tools around.

Your helps build community, inform your content marketing and create feedback loops and it can be as "plug and play" as you want. Highly recommend all startups have a since this great tool is like putting your Twitter on steroids. .

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Startup Tips From CEO Dognition - The Personality Test For Dogs

Startup Tips From CEO Dognition - The Personality Test For Dogs | Startup Revolution |

Lunch With Smart Dogs at Triangle Startup Factory
Kip Frey ( pictured in middle above) is a smart entrepreneur who one might say has "gone to the dogs". Kip spoke at Free Lunch Friday at +Triangle StartUp Factory today about Dognition ( ).

Dognition is a Myers/Briggs personality test for dogs. During an hour long fascinating conversation Kip made several points we've heard consistently from Chris and Dave at TSF such as:

* Ideas that "seem true" create their own momentum.
* Look for ideas that "create a new category".
* Ideas with great partnership hooks work best since partners help create scale with OPL (Other Poeple's Lists) and OPC (Other People's Content).

Dognition is a cool idea since we humans are always anthropomorphizing our animals. Now you can do a test AT HOME with your dog to figure out which one of 9 classifications your dog's personality falls within. You can compare your dog to dogs in your area, across the country or possibly the world (soon Kip mentioned they are already speaking to interested parties in China).

I found Kip and Dognition's #brandingstrategy fascinating. Kip and the team at Dognition spent a year working on the #DIY version of their test. They needed enough data shared by "citizen scientists" after taking their test that the hard work created in the lab held up even in the DIY home version.

"I think people are more interested in their dogs than in their DNA," Kip said at one point and I agree. There are 70M dog owning families in America (so one in three roughly) and each year brings 7M new dogs to market.

Branding            vs                   Scale

The tension between creating a brand with meaning and the scale necessary to support that meaning was interesting. Kip decided to do a deal with Purina One to gain scale. Sounds like he had to defend the sizable deal with his board because they were worried about "brand purity".

#branding is tricky. Too much scale too fast could marginalize the brand. The science at the core of the test is something that could be seen as goofy in the wrong context. By doing an exclusive with Purina One for 2014 Dognition gets millions in partner ad dollars - the test is a freebie if dog owners complete a 28 day "Purina One 28 Day Challenge" ( ).

Cool promo and great legitimacy for Dognition and possibly just the right amount of scale. Partnerships bring interesting challenges. Dognition can get swallowed whole by Purina, and can anyone spot the BIG #socialmarketing error on the Purina One challenge page?

ERROR - Love that Purina is using Tweets, but seeing 46 day old Tweets HURTS the social legitimacy of their campaign. A 46 day old tweet from a customer is fine IN ROTATION, but what if the only representation I see has old content?

When curating old and new social content from Purina and users always have something in the roll that is current, only several hours hold max. Using customer Tweets is brave, but stale in its current implementation. Even if the Purina staff creates Tweets today that related to something that happened 46 days ago have something current on social.

Building  a #story off of #UGC is what +CrowdFunde is all about. Conversations require different #contentcuration and #contentcreation than promotional push. Purina One's misuse of #SMM is a perfect validation for a tool like CrowdFunde that helps create, curate and converse with the most valuable content on earth - User Generated Content (UGC).

By isolating old tweets without a clear understanding about why they are there, other than being self congratulatory, Purina destroys what they hope to build - active, alive conversations.

We think Dognition will have great conversations since learning your dog's personality feels like something MADE for social shares, but HOW you share social conversations is tricky as a big brand like Purina proves. Turning conversations into #engagemn and #loyalty is trickier still.

Cool talk today with many lessons for #startups and #Internetmarketers . Dognition is going to be on 60 Minutes in April and they will have a reality TV show on Nat Geo Wild so conversations will happen. Team at CrowdFunde wishes our fellow Durham #startup   luck and a free CrowdFunde installation if they want to discover how to build community on a scale hard to knock down or duplicate...because building ongoing engagement after initial novelty is based on the quality, frequency and value of Dognition's (and any brand's) CONVERSATIONS!

Thanks to Kip for speaking with TSF startups today! Marty

PS. Kip asked for feedback on the Dognition site and since I know there are a lot of ecommerce conversion experts that follow me send me your thoughts and I will pull together 5 to 10 "would be better if" kinds of feedback for .

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Yes, No, Maybe - Twitter IPO

Yes, No, Maybe - Twitter IPO | Startup Revolution |
The tweets just keep coming for Twitter--thousands per second by latest count.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Do You Buy This Stock?
Twitter is ginerly approaching IPO land. What do you think? Are you buying Twitter on offer? Why? Why Not?

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15 #mustfollow Startup on Twitter via @aprejs #startups

15 #mustfollow Startup on Twitter via @aprejs #startups | Startup Revolution |

Must Follower Startup Experts & Resourcs
Are you an active user of Twitter? Great! If not - get there as fast as you can and follow these 15 startup influencers. Recommended by an online market...

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great list by Alexandra. I added a bunch of "new to me" resources such as 



@IanCleary (and Ian followed me back, #toogood)

Was already following

@davidedelman (brilliant McKinsey partner who wrote me a nice note when I talked about his Branding In All The Wrong Places article for HBR)

@lizstrauss (and she followed me back, also #toogood)

@ChrisBrogan (he helped with Cure Cancer Starter and I met him at a show in SF...good, smart, menschy guy) @JoePulizzi (met Joe at one of his content marketing shows in Cleveland, father of content marketing is a good, smart guy too)  

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Twitter Clinic: 11 Points No Startup Can Afford To Ignore

Twitter Clinic: 11 Points No Startup Can Afford To Ignore | Startup Revolution |

New business, major ambitions, no budget… now what? You know your startup brand should have a Twitter account, the marketing opportunities can rocket your company into the big leagues.

It’s a free platform that puts businesses on a level playing field, where a decent Tweet can reach up to 271 million active users at an unprecedented speed. Using it correctly unlocks a huge return with little to no financial investment.

That sounds perfect – if you wanted to reach an audience of that size on almost any other medium you’d be paying an amount of money that most small businesses in the US could only dream of.

Getting a solid foothold on Twitter can be a challenge if your brand isn’t established yet. But Twitter users follow at least 5 brands on average, so they’re willing to be courted by you if you can appeal to them.

This means that in every industry there are startups using Twitter to grow their audience, increase their leads, help their customers, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Here’s how you can be one of them:

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great notes by Marketing Hits Brian Yanish, a trusted social media and content marketing source.

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Why Startups Should Have At Least One

Why Startups Should Have At Least One | Startup Revolution |

Marty's Story
About a week after starting as Atlantic BT's, largest web dev shop in Triangle area of NC, new Marketing Director my boss & founder / CEO Jon Jordan asked me, "What's this" thing.

Jon's displeasure was obvious. I explained how is a "get more, do less" content curation tool. Jon said, "It doesn't look like us," and I had to agree. My question back to Jon was, "Is 'looking like us' important," and you can guess his response.

To his credit, Jon asked me to do an analysis before shooting the limping horse. I also related our previous conversation about the "creation of a commons". On my second day as Marketing Director for ABT Jon and Mark Foulkrod, then COO, confessed a concern.

"We think you will steal from us," Mark said straight out (that is the way Mark is). The comment surprised me so I asked the right question. "Why are you worried and what do you think I will 'steal","I asked.

Jon shared the story of a previous employee who "blogged for himself on our dime". I never met the person, but I explained ABT had little or nothing I could "steal".

It was my turn to shock them. I shared how, at that time, ABT's Klout score was 19 while mine was 45. Together, I went on to explain, we were stronger than either apart. We would create a commons mingling my content, ABT's and curating in other content from gurus, thought leaders and ABT customers to create a "rising tide" sure to lift their online reputation boat and mine.

"You will gain more if only due to our starting points," I shared. At the end of my tenure (December 2013) ABT's Klout score was 50, a 233% increase. Mine was 65, a 44% bump. and were MAJOR contributors to the rising tide of ABT's commons. helped test content marketing ideas and creates more community faster for LESS work than any tool I know or use (and I use a passel of 'em).

The brilliance behind, that they present an algorithm filter of content you've already shared and or mashedup, makes it the GREATEST and most under utilized (and just about the cheapest) content curation tool.

Startups are so WIDGET FOCUSED they don't think about the day they want to share their widget with the world. is guaranteed to make "sharing day" easier and for the cost of...well just about NOTHING a startup receives a powerful ally. If you are a starutp or Internet marketer and DON'T use my friends in Switzerland's coolest tool since sliced bread you are nuts.

Oh, btw, when I shared data showing was the most powerful community creation tool we had Jon and Mark didn't care if it "looked like us" or not (lol).

** PS. Paper.lis great community manager @Kelly Hungerford  just pointed out that if had CSS and templating options then ABT's would have looked like them. M

Kelly Hungerford's comment, July 24, 2014 4:23 PM
Marty, you're awesome! If only we had had custom CSS and branding options back then... we could have branded a paper to fit their look and feel. LOL. You continue to be one of our greatest champions of not only, but how and can work together in a marketing strategy to build presence, community and get some work done. Thank you for that. In fact, I think a post is in order. You always inspire Marty, thank you!
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Startup Heroes Twitter List - Subscribe & We May Write About Or Refer Your Startup

Startup Heroes Twitter List - Subscribe & We May Write About Or Refer Your Startup | Startup Revolution |

We frequently write about startup heroes and are asked for our favorite companies all the time. Where do we go when its time to write? First we check out Startup Heroes List: 

If you run or are part of a cool startup SUBSCRIBE and we will follow you on Twitter, include your startup and we may write about you the next time we are looking for cool new companies to blog about and share across social media.

Yes, we realize this is a little like asking fish to jump in the boat, but there is a big ocean and a lot of fish :). Subscribe:

Raj Nadar's comment, March 29, 2014 7:11 AM
awesome, subscribed!
AslamB's comment, April 3, 2014 2:47 AM
Great Marty! Just subscribed. I'm a part of a cool startup called ChargeBee. :)
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Tint Rocks Social Media Feeds

Tint Rocks Social Media Feeds | Startup Revolution |
Last year, Tim Sae Koo, Nikhil Aitharaju, Eunice Noh and Ryo Chiba launched HypeMarks to give people a less hectic way to consume social media.

Via Stan Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Feeds are in all of our futures. Feeds can fulfill Google QDF (Quality Deserves Freshness) needs and increase engagement. Tint looks like a promising tool.

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New Twitter Tools Promises More Engagement: Review

New Twitter Tools Promises More Engagement: Review | Startup Revolution |

We are proud to present an awesome online service that will help you to drive awareness and build relationships on Twitter.What is

Marty Note
Hearing good things about Anyone used it yet? Thoughts? Looks like a must test to me since anything that helps me understand, segment and put into some kind of persona order on @ScentTrail is a very cool idea indeed.  

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