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Startups Who Want To Change World - Only 10 Days To Apply To Triangle Startup Factory [Marty Rec]

Startups Who Want To Change World - Only 10 Days To Apply To Triangle Startup Factory [Marty Rec] | Startup Revolution |
Durham Incubator
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Only 10 days left to apply for Triangle Startup Factory's (TSF's) Y-Combinator-like accelerator program. I HIGHLY recommend Chris Hievly and Dave Neal at TSF for any entrepreneur who wants to change the world. 

Why I Recommend TSF
I officially turned OLD on 1.1.13, my 55th birthday. I've learned a few things along the way. One lesson is some people GET IT while most do not. 

In this context "get it" means more than being an expert about an area of business expertise. Getting it means you live life bounded by passion, love and connection more than money or its many pursuits. To a true entrepreneur, money is a TOOL to be used to build cool stuff.  

Most of the really rich people I know, and 100% of the mega-successful entrepreneurs I've met and know, have a common approach to life. All mega-successful people are kind, generous and giving. 

Successful entrepreneurs didn't make their millions and then become kind, generous and giving. They made their millions BECAUSE they are all of those things.


Chris Hievly and Dave Neal are brilliant entrepreneurs who make a living now helping others. KUDOS to Chris and Dave and kudos to you if you are smart enough to apply and win a place at TSF.  



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Startups Vs. Fortune 100: Keep Thinking Like a Startup

Startups Vs. Fortune 100: Keep Thinking Like a Startup | Startup Revolution |

Thinking Like A Startup
Startups have to be innovative and nimble. This post from FoxBusiness suggests continuing to "think like a startup" is a good idea no matter what stage of Biz Dev you are in.

The tendency, the post explains, is to bring in a "professional management" layer too early. That layer is used to the big budgets of the Fortune 1000 and can't thrive in startup land.

I have an interesting perspective since I left a Fortune 1000 company to start Here is what was difficult about that transitions:

* Was used to legitimacy being granted automatically.
* Had to train & develop new muscles because we had NO MONEY.
* Had to solve problems differently because we had NO MONEY.

* Planning cycle shortened and became more about MONEY today instead of market domination tomorrow.
* Tactics changed because low hanging less expensive to develop fruit had to come to the top.
* Partnerships changed because we had to trade things other than money and that usually meant looking for partners in similar stages of development.

That last bullet is a key. Don't try and pitch a Fortune 1000 when you are a startup unless you are trying to sell them something and only do that when invited. You can't crack those vaults, tempting as it may seem, unless they are already interested.

This means you have to create alliances with companies in similar stages of development or maybe one or two steps up the ladder. Hit singles to learn how to hit homers.

QUANTITY in startups is often more important than quality and it RARELY is when working for a giant. Giants can afford to be snobs, startups can't. Why I like startups :).M

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Why Do People LOVE & HATE Startups?

Why Do People LOVE & HATE Startups? | Startup Revolution |

Why Do People LOVE & HATE Startups?
Biggest startup haters? Answer: Other Startups. To be fair the VAST majority of fellow startups at the American Tobacco Campus and American Underground are AWESOME and HELPFUL.

Some have been abusive and mean. We got to thinking about what might be making some fellow #startups so snarky and angry. We think it may be the process.

This post shares the strange WALK THIS WAY undercurrent inside the startup ecosysem and wonders if David Amerland's New Value System might "beat the dogs" less and accomplish more.

We've been down this road so many times in life. Going to football camp as a kid first thing everyone had to know was if you could get hit. The next thing everyone wanted to know was could YOU hit. So much testosterone so little time (lol).

Why do you think people love or hate startups? Share your experiences and I will curate into the post. Thanks and have a great weekend. Marty

massimo scalzo's curator insight, August 16, 9:44 AM

Required Reading !

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Minority Report? The 'Internet of Business Things' video interview via WSJ

Minority Report? The 'Internet of Business Things' video interview via WSJ | Startup Revolution |

As more things get connected to each other, how can businesses capitalize on the growing 'Internet of Things?' PricewaterhouseCoopers chief technologist Chris Curran joins the News Hub with Sara Murray.

Marty Note
Turns out a forgettable movie, Tom Cruise's Minority Report,  may be prescient for our Internet of Things Future. Fascinating interview with WSJ's Sarah Murray and Price Waterhouse's Chris Curran explores tapping and mashing up the "real data' that's all around us now.

How can we replace guesses with real data.

Retail is "an interesting one" because it involves people and places. Emerging uses of sensors. Others are not so obvious like the power business where sensors can help "optimize the process".

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5 Secret Patient Needs No One Is Working On via #tswhealth #TSWHealth #startups

5 Secret Patient Needs No One Is Working On via #tswhealth #TSWHealth #startups | Startup Revolution |

After being the opening speaker at this weeks Startup Weekend in Durham, NC I came home and thought about 5 needs patients have that NO ONE is working on:

* Dedicated Flash Stores (tried but couldn't be mine off the ground NEEDED).
* Sponsors like AA, one one one guides.
* Flexible Projects.
* Storytellers.
* Assistants.

Solve any 2 of these problems and you will be a hero to millions. Let me know anyway I can help and will be glad to do so.

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The Towel & The Soap A Customer Service Fable

The Towel & The Soap A Customer Service Fable | Startup Revolution |

The Towel & The Soap A Customer Service Fable
I don't envy the hotel business (the kingdom in today's fable). After 7 years of plenty the hotel business has experienced 7 lean years. They've survived by CUTTING and TRIMMING.

The problem with the sythe is it isn't a very precise instrument. You can't cut your way into our hearts. Winning customer loyalty in a time when anyone with a spare room is in the hotel business thanks to AirBnB means paying attention to the tiniest details that say LOVE and CARE.

Courtyard by Marriott, a great hotel overall, missed on two tiny but important things. Now the question is will they listen and change. Will you?

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Creating Agile Tribes Doodle Revolution

Creating Agile Tribes Doodle Revolution | Startup Revolution |
Creating Agile Tribes. My visual notes from @PrettyAgile & @jeantabaka session at #agile2014 #sketchnotes

Via Jose Luis Anzizar
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Very cool doodle process graphics a la Sunni Brown. Love it.

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Does Your Startup Need A Million Bucks? Here's How To Get It via Crowdfunding

Does Your Startup Need A Million Bucks? Here's How To Get It via Crowdfunding | Startup Revolution |

Bunch O Balloons Featured on TODAY Show This morning!

Bunch O Balloons, an easy to use time saving water balloon invention, may make $1M on Kickstsarter thanks to great crowdfunding marketing and the new SEO. Team Curagami is in Charlotte at the Search Exchange Conference.

This Curatti post combines a fascinating new tool set capable of making "Editors of Chaos" come true and the story of how a crowdfunding project goes "mega-viral".

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 28, 9:04 PM

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malek's curator insight, July 31, 8:39 AM

Curagami helps form the “Ambassador Layer” every website and brand needs these days. Ambassadors, people who’ve “bought in” to a brand’s mission and want to help, need to be given contextually appropriate “jobs”.

M. Philip Oliver's curator insight, August 1, 2:18 PM

Thanks much to Justin Jones

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Why Startups Should Have At Least One

Why Startups Should Have At Least One | Startup Revolution |

Marty's Story
About a week after starting as Atlantic BT's, largest web dev shop in Triangle area of NC, new Marketing Director my boss & founder / CEO Jon Jordan asked me, "What's this" thing.

Jon's displeasure was obvious. I explained how is a "get more, do less" content curation tool. Jon said, "It doesn't look like us," and I had to agree. My question back to Jon was, "Is 'looking like us' important," and you can guess his response.

To his credit, Jon asked me to do an analysis before shooting the limping horse. I also related our previous conversation about the "creation of a commons". On my second day as Marketing Director for ABT Jon and Mark Foulkrod, then COO, confessed a concern.

"We think you will steal from us," Mark said straight out (that is the way Mark is). The comment surprised me so I asked the right question. "Why are you worried and what do you think I will 'steal","I asked.

Jon shared the story of a previous employee who "blogged for himself on our dime". I never met the person, but I explained ABT had little or nothing I could "steal".

It was my turn to shock them. I shared how, at that time, ABT's Klout score was 19 while mine was 45. Together, I went on to explain, we were stronger than either apart. We would create a commons mingling my content, ABT's and curating in other content from gurus, thought leaders and ABT customers to create a "rising tide" sure to lift their online reputation boat and mine.

"You will gain more if only due to our starting points," I shared. At the end of my tenure (December 2013) ABT's Klout score was 50, a 233% increase. Mine was 65, a 44% bump. and were MAJOR contributors to the rising tide of ABT's commons. helped test content marketing ideas and creates more community faster for LESS work than any tool I know or use (and I use a passel of 'em).

The brilliance behind, that they present an algorithm filter of content you've already shared and or mashedup, makes it the GREATEST and most under utilized (and just about the cheapest) content curation tool.

Startups are so WIDGET FOCUSED they don't think about the day they want to share their widget with the world. is guaranteed to make "sharing day" easier and for the cost of...well just about NOTHING a startup receives a powerful ally. If you are a starutp or Internet marketer and DON'T use my friends in Switzerland's coolest tool since sliced bread you are nuts.

Oh, btw, when I shared data showing was the most powerful community creation tool we had Jon and Mark didn't care if it "looked like us" or not (lol).

** PS. Paper.lis great community manager @Kelly Hungerford  just pointed out that if had CSS and templating options then ABT's would have looked like them. M

Kelly Hungerford's comment, July 24, 1:23 PM
Marty, you're awesome! If only we had had custom CSS and branding options back then... we could have branded a paper to fit their look and feel. LOL. You continue to be one of our greatest champions of not only, but how and can work together in a marketing strategy to build presence, community and get some work done. Thank you for that. In fact, I think a post is in order. You always inspire Marty, thank you!
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Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success Impacts SMBs & Startups via @Curagami

Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success Impacts SMBs & Startups via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Never Ending Battle Truth, Justice & American Way
Tough "Dog Days" of summer for "Super Hero" marketing tactics. Here is a list of the dead and dying tactics:

SMB Marketing Tactics Costing More, Getting Less:

* Yellow Pages (near death). 
* Print ads (near death).

* Val-u-pak coupons (near death).

* Coupons of any kind (losing relevance with smartphone users)..

* Groupons (blows brands up almost beyond repair).
* Email marketing (sick due to social / mobile web). 
* Social Media Marketing (sick and getting sicker fast). 
* Content Marketing.(content shock sick).

* Ecommerce (too many stores, same offerings).
* PPC (paying more to get less). 
* Retargeting (cat out of bag, so sick efficacy declining).
* Video Marketing (steep learning curve, expensive). 
* Viral Marketing (everyone has that cold now & hit or miss). 
* Cause Marketing (not as unique as once was & live or die with partner).

* Celebrity Marketing (expensive and live or die with branded celeb).

* SEO (don't even get us started, all but gone, baby, gone). 

Many of these "SMB" tactics are in a startup's launch plan too. Good luck with that. Startups have to double down on asynchronous tactics since their money is tight and they have little or no brand awareness yet.

Favorite startup asynchronous tactics of ours include:

* OPN (tap Other People's Networks).
* OPM (tap Other People's Money via crowdfunding).
* Crowdfunding.
* Friends-of-Friends marketing.
* Community (start handing of the keys to your content early).
* Partnerships.
* OPC (Other People's Content via content curation with attribution(.
* Video Marketing (learning curve and expense scares most away).
* Events.
* Training.
* Contests & Games.

That last bullet can be especially powerful for startups. Remember to create tools needed to empower advocates, contributors and Sherpas. Make it easy to help you by providing graphical tools, listening and curating content into a social space (curation is a form of social reward).  


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Brief History of SEO via One of Best SEOs In The World & Why Every Startup Needs One

Brief History of SEO via One of Best SEOs In The World & Why Every Startup Needs One | Startup Revolution |

Brief History of SEO
I'm lucky enough to sit across from one of the best SEOs in the world. Latey #seo is much maligned. Don't be stupid. Google and the math always win in the end.

And that is why every startup should have a great SEO on their team or find one to help. Startups get so wrapped up in their widget they forget an important truth - without COMMUNICATION about what a hero your widget will make someone NO ONE WILL CARE.

Without a great SEO to help shape a stsrtup's communication there is a great chance SILENCE will be what happens when doors are finally open and a launch happens. Don't believe in the "better mouse trap" myth.

These days you can find better mousetraps falling from the sky. The KEY to startup success is shaping communication for maximum impact. The key to shaping communication for "maximum impact" is a great SEO.

I'm lucky enough to sit across from one of the best SEO on the planet and host of the largest SEO Meetup in the country - Curagami Co-Founder Phil Buckley.

What makes a great SEO? Here is how I described the characteristics of one of the best SEOs on earth on G+ this morning:

SEOs require a rare blend of talent including:

* Patience.
* As little EGO as possible.
* Einstienian Intelligence.
* Communication Skills of the TRANSLATION variety.
* Courage.

Phil's Truth About SEO post on Curagami

So if your startup isn't fortunate enough to have a great SEO on the team like Curagami, find one or get lost in the widget junk yard.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Can An Elephant Jump Over The Moon? Yes... as every Startup Knows

Can An Elephant Jump Over The Moon? Yes... as every Startup Knows | Startup Revolution |

Every Startup Is An Elephant High Jumper
Every startup entrepreneur reading this knows what I'm talking about. Everyday team Curagami ( tries to make the graceful dancing and jumping elephants we see so well in our mind, dreams and brainstorms.

We rub the bottle hoping for I Dream of Jeanie.

We know ODDS and OBSTRUCTION are against us. In the boring world of limited possibilities elephants don't dance. In our world elephants sit at the table and worry about their hair before a night of Disco Inferno.

It is not that our dreams are unrealistic. All dreams are unrealistic. No, the real challenge is in turning the crank ONE MORE TIME. When we rode bicycles from Durham to Santa Monica there were days when that single thought was all we (really me since the rest of the team was 20 years younger lol) could think about.

Turn the crank one more time.

Don't give up. Never give up because you can ONLY discover what it looks like to see NO MORE ROAD by continuing to turn the crank. And on that day, the day when you see nothing but ocean, you will have achieved something NO ONE can take from you ever - the knowledge that YES Elephants can jump of the moon as every startup knows.

Here's hoping YOUR startup elephant is a jumper :).

Marty & Team Curagami,
American Tobacco Campus, Durham, NC

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13 Teenagers Who Are Changing The World | Tech-shutter

13 Teenagers Who Are Changing The World | Tech-shutter | Startup Revolution |

Technology has always been the bastion of the young, and to celebrate our teen birthday, here are some impressive teens

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't know if I agree "technology has always been the bastion of the young" at least not exclusively, but I love these 13 teen entrepreneurs setting the hard course to change the world. 

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Curagami's "Friends Beta" Needs Your Help - via @Curagami

Curagami's "Friends Beta" Needs Your Help - via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

The Startup Factory fundeded startup Curagami launches its new content marketing roi tools into "friends beta". What's your Curagami Score? #helpastartup

& THANKS from Team Curagami

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Entrepreneurship Through Lens of Venture Capital: Jules Maltz, IVP On Customer Retention [video Stanford]

MS&E 71SI: Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital: Disruption in Venture Capital The course explores disruption in venture capital and how successful startups navigate funding,...

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This is a class at Stanford so it takes a bit for this video to get going, but stick with it as late stage investor Jules' thoughts on customer retention and his 5 Things are worth listening to. Great thoughts on "creating retention".

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Get HIRED Or BOUGHT By Warren Buffett Tips To Practice TODAY

Get HIRED Or BOUGHT By Warren Buffett Tips To Practice TODAY | Startup Revolution |

Getting hired or bought by Warren Buffett would be cool. This Haiku Deck includes tips inspired by Buffett's interview process so YOU get HIRED or BOUGHT by the Oracle of Omaha.

5 Tips Inspired By Buffett's Interview Process
* Solve puzzles & challenge yourself daily. DO SOMETHING NEW today.
* Achieve a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).
* Develop PATIENCE (take a lickin' keep on tickin').
* LISTEN Better and have loved one GRADE you.

Also tossed in the 5 rules of improv (mostly because I love 'em). Do these things, practice these these ideas and you will be ready when the Oracle calls.

Neil Lesfrance's curator insight, August 16, 4:27 AM Learn How To Get People To Market Your Products For You

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First Curation Collision Products via Zazzle

First Curation Collision Products via Zazzle | Startup Revolution |

Everything Has Been Created Already
When everything has been created the only creative thing left to do is slam things into one another. Today we ordered our first "curation collision" products from Zazzle.

The laptop sleeve and bag include an image that collides two images. We wanted to create something like the equivalent of a music sample for product development. Will take pictures when they arrive.

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Business Storytelling: 5 Mistakes Most Storytellers Make

The purpose of this presentation is to list 5 typical mistakes people make when sharing stories in business settings.

The 5 Storytelling Mistakes in Biz:

* Don't say "Let Me Tell You A Story" in a business context.
* Stories and facts should be intermingled in biz storytelling.

* Easy to get the "Hero" wrong (THEM not YOU).
* Story must relate to real world "routines", "habits" & realities.
* Repeat, Rinse, Repeat and so on.

Via Karen Dietz, Marta Filipe
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Funny was just thinking about how everything starts with a story now. Didn't think about these five "mistakes" though. Great post.

No Boxes's curator insight, July 24, 1:31 PM

How to tell your #business story.

massimo scalzo's curator insight, July 27, 5:34 AM

Thank You Karen ! It's very very interesting !!!

Alain Theriault MBA's curator insight, July 29, 9:22 AM

the more information overload out there, the more it becomes important to be able to tell a memorable story!

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Visual marketing: 8 Tips from Vogue" via @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail

Visual marketing: 8 Tips from Vogue" via @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail | Startup Revolution |

8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue

* Be specific & Use BIG NUMBERS to help.
* Branded - use existing and known brands.
* Portrait Images - images staring at camera = most powerful.
* Events - Ride wave of current events.
* Alliteration.

* Juxtapositions.
* Action verbs.

* Simple colors.

If every startup were to follow those 8 visual marketing tips from Vogue they would improve their website's performance. Just don't copy off of Vogue's website. For some reason great magazines haven't been able to crack the code for great websites (strange since these rules apply to either).

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Startup Weekend Triangle Health 8.8.14 w/ @Curagami Founder Speaking

Startup Weekend Triangle Health 8.8.14 w/ @Curagami Founder Speaking | Startup Revolution |

Change The World, Save Yourself
I used to preach the need to THINK BIG, to change the world. Now I discuss the need to THINK BIG and change something more controllable - yourself. Next Friday 8.8.14 I'm speaking at the opening of the Triangle Startup Weekend about living a EULOGY instead of a RESUME life.

I came to the realization my life wasn't courageous the hard way - by having the Big C force courage on me. Entrepreneurs next weekend are signing on to making the world a better place and they will learn their main instrument is...themselves.

As we change, grow and see the world different movements are possible and our "virus" can be shared. Can a company started next weekend in Durham, NC change the world? You bet it can :). Marty

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Warren Buffet Startup Tips [Top @HaikuDeck Over 6,800 Views]

Warren Buffet Startup Tips  [Top @HaikuDeck Over 6,800 Views] | Startup Revolution |

Bill Gates To Warren Buffet, STICK 'EM UP
Warren Buffet's tips for startups as Bill Gates says, "Stick 'em up".
Buffet shares great tips for startups in my most popular Haiku Deck. Next closest deck has 5,200 views.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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30 Lessons In Startup Creativity via JODOROWSKY'S DUNE

30 Lessons In Startup Creativity via JODOROWSKY'S DUNE | Startup Revolution |

Greatest Movie Never Made & Lessons Learned
"To fail is only to change the way," says Topo and Holy Mountain director Jodorowsky in this must view documentary for anyone trying to create anything. Such an important documentary I'm double posting here in Startup Revolution and in Design Revolution.

Here is what I posted in Design Revolution, the 30 Lessons in Creativity from watching this magical film:

Greatest Film Never Made
"What is he purpose of life," the director Jodorowsky asks in this must view documentary film for any creative, "to create a soul". The amazing creativity and vision of El Topo's director is shared in a series of linked stories.

Much like any creative's mind, this film flies between the surreal, heroic, mystical and crazy. Stories about Orson Wells and Pink Floyd are rich in "sounds true" detail, but pales in comparison to the "I can't type that fast" advice shared.

Advice such as:

* Be all in.
* Be a prophet.

* When it comes to missions THINK BIG (something important for humanity).
* Start with clear ideas, but find and respect "light of genius".
* Challenge people to find their best.
* Give Morning Motivation speeches.
* Your VISION should become OUR IDEA.
* OUR Ideas become art.
* When you think you are looking at a rock its an object & vice versa.
* Lucky enough to meet a prophet FOLLOW HIM.
* Be supportive of others.

* Transport people. MOVE THEM.
* Look for and work with WARRIORS (life is too short for anything else).
* Imagine and then imagine again.
* No such thing as "too far".
* Let the work rule.
* One man's obsession is another man's art.
* MOTIVATE others.

* If you can Seduce Salvador Dali DO SO.
* Create enigmas.
* If chance puts Dali at your hotel, send him a strange note.
* When you find a clock in the sand discover who lost it.
* Create MOVEMENTS and ART with your life.
* If Dali asks you for a helicopter, GIVE IT TO HIM.
* Dali gets you Giger, Giger gets you Magma (and so on).
* If you can get a meeting with Mick Jagger, TAKE IT.
* If Andy Warhol invites you to the FACTORY, go there.
* Plan everything, Plan Nothing (chance).
* When you see Orson Wells in a Paris restaurant, send wine.
* Live a EULOGY Life not a Resume Life.

That last bullet picks up on a great David Brooks TED Talk I wrote about on LinkedIn yesterday: 

Hope you are living a Eulogy Life. Jodorowsky sure did. I had to be shoved kicking and screaming on the Eulogy train by the Big C. Glad I got on this train even if it turns out to be the last train from Clarksville :). M

Are you a "plural being"?

If you FAIL it's not import. It's important to try.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Startups, Crowdfunding, Content & Curing Cancer Podcast Interview with @Curagami Founder Marty Smith

Startups, Crowdfunding, Content & Curing Cancer Podcast Interview with @Curagami Founder Marty Smith | Startup Revolution |

Martin (Marty) Smith talks to Get Social Health about the radical change in his life when he heard the words cancer and his name in the same sentence. Here is what Marty's done since his cancer diagnosis:

* Rode a bicycle across America (Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer).

* Founded one of first crowdfunding cancer research platforms.

* Founded Curagami, marketing tools to help content marketers and online merchants create community.

* Founded Tech Cures Cancer Fund at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center.

Wide ranging interview with  an entrepreneur and cancer survivor whose life is dedicate to helping and giving back.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I'm blessed with amazing friends who help, help and hep some more. Marty

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Why Statups Should Create Shopify Stores

Why Statups Should Create Shopify Stores | Startup Revolution |

Startups & Stores
I almost forgot one of my rules (lol). Stores help any website, brand or idea get better faster. There are things you learn creating a store our #startup can't teach.

We have over 30 years of ecommerce experience and creating one Shopify store will, over the course of the 2 - 4 days it takes, teach you half of what we know.

What Creating A Store Teaches Startups

* Content and copy writing.

* Webdesign.

* Product categorization, planning and business intelligence (#BI). 

* Social Media.
* Thinking about THEM (your customers).

* Learning to test & validate assumptions.
* Provides a new dimension for B2B and B2C products, companies and tools.

The new "perspective" the last bullet mentions is the gold. Getting out of your head and testing assumptions and ideas IRL (In Real Life) is more valuable than every brainstorm we've ever had.

Brainstorms and past experience create an assumption framework. Creating a store pushing assumptions into the deep end of the pool and they learn to swim fast or drown

Competitive Advantage
We work around 6 startups and NONE of them have or are likely to follow my advice to create store. Every startup here in Durham thinks they are selling a THING.

I've learned the hard way the first thing we startups sell is OURSELVES (you & people on your team). Next thing you sell is money making competency. If you know a better way to prove "money making competency" than spending $200 to create a Shopify store be sure to tweet @Curagami and share that idea and trust we will be creating your idea next :).

Marty & Team Curagami

PS. Will share when its live (probably Monday)

malek's comment, July 12, 4:31 AM
looking forward for this shopify store
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What Content To Create & Why: What's Your Curagami Score?

What Content To Create & Why: What's Your Curagami Score? | Startup Revolution |

Curagami Scores
We've tuned our Curgami engine to evaluate three website and brand CSFs (Critical Success Factor):

* Content.
* Community.
* Conversion.

The tool creates unique metrics such as Link Efficiency Indexes (LEI) to evaluate a website, close competitors and it establishes "best practice" averages viral content, sustainable community and asynchronous conversion ideas (not going up against a competitor's strength).

We started our journey to answer a simple question:

What content should a website create and why?

That simple question has soaked up six months of our lives and tens of thousands of our investors' cash. Good news is we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Will your website WIN armed with a Curgami Score Report?

Yes :). Marty & Team Curagami

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Curagami Launches Into "Friends Beta" &Needs Your Help via @Curagami

Curagami Launches Into  "Friends Beta" &Needs Your Help via  @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Our Startrup Factory funded startup Curagami, a content marketing tool for merchants and content marketers who "get it", lauched into "Friends Beta" yesterday & we need your help.

We need help teasing out the good stuff and toss the trash. As any startup learns problems multiple. Easy to solve the problem for all the right reasons. Together we can create tools needed by merchants and publishers to KNOW what content matters to who and why.

LESS STRESSFUL is our goal after spending years gambling with millions we want to provide a MAP merchants and content marketers can use to enjoy the journey. Hope you will join our journey and visit our landing page at:

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