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Clothing Startup Everlane Rocks A NYC Pop-Up Store, Now Has 400,000 Subscribers

Clothing Startup Everlane Rocks A NYC Pop-Up Store, Now Has 400,000  Subscribers | Startup Revolution |
Clothing Startup Everlane Opens A Pop-Up Store In New York, Now Has 400000 ...TechCrunchClothing startup Everlane has opened a pop-up store in New York for the holidays.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Everlane is rockig retailing at its core. By treating its customers as "members", using technology to suppot WOW customer service and controlingth means of production Everlane is creating a fun experience and loyal customers.

I admire them for going black on Black Friday. They put a simple page with white type on black statign why they were opting out of Black Friday madness. Well done and probably generated millions in free PR.

Everlane looks reading to rock.  

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3 Must Read Books for Startups: Bold, Tilt and Start with Why

3 Books for Startups
This is the order we would read these books in AND we would read them all since each speaks to a different aspect of a startup's journey.

Bold: Go Big or Go Home
We are starting this list of 3 books for startups with Bold: How To Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the world because it has the best crowdfunding summary we've ever read.

Since finding money is usually the #1 issue most startups face and many have questions about crowdfunding read Diamandis & Kotter's book first. Chances are, if you are a startup, you are already "thinking exponentially", but this is a great and inspirational read.

The section on preparing your psyche for the exponential startup journey is another standout mustread for startup entrepreneurs.

Tilt: Shifting Your Business From Products To Customers
Tilt is another great startup read. Niraj Dawar has the shift from products to customers SO RIGHT. He even knows why its so hard to change our thinking from How Much More Can We Sell to What Else Do Our Customers Need. If Bold has the best crowdfunding summary we've read Tilt describes marketing's hard to change muscle memory. Go downstream if you want to win.

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action
Every business starts with a passionate why. Some like Tom's shoes, Zappos and Amazon know and don't lose their why. Some companies such as Walmart, Kodak and Xerox lose or have their why get fuzzy. A bad rain falls when your lose your WHY or your why doesn't evolve, respond to feedback and grow. Just as important as the Lean Startup by Ries Start with Why should be a compulsory read for any startup.

The common elements to all three of these books are:

* Share your honest passion and be all in.
* Think BIG and DIFFERENT and prepare yourself for pain such thinking brings.
* Focus on customers and LISTEN and don't get too attached to anything.

Remember Ferris Beuller's words:

Ferris: Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people.

Stay OPEN and read, read and read some more. Good luck. Marty and team

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Content Curation: ScoopIt Content Director Rocks via @Curagami

Content Curation: ScoopIt Content Director Rocks  via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |
Content curation is key for Small To Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) online success &'s new Content Director makes curation a marketing reality.
malek's curator insight, February 9, 8:25 AM

thought provoking, the Content Shock is worth further studying.  Hard to argue about how production is far exceeding supply

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Startups Start With Why [book] via Simon Sinek TEDTalk

Music For Startups
Listening to Simon Sinek read Start With Why during my drive to the James Cancer Center in Columbus it struck me that this book may be more important for startups than Eric Ries' Lean Startup.

I'll use our founding of Curagami as an example. Had I read Sinek's book before reading Ries I would have altered my startup's ( ) process. We jumped right into the HOW and WHAT of the company giving up our WHY much too easily.

This means more WHY work was required. A company''s WHY, the reason it exists, needs to inform everything from strategy and tactics (it's HOW and What) to who the company hires. Sinek notes how companies with clear WHYs such as Southwest and Apple KNOW WHO TO HIRE.

He discusses something called The Celery Test. Imagine you are at a party and four people suggest products your new company should sell:

* M&M's.
* Rice Milk.
* Oreos.
* Celery.

You follow your friends' advice and buy all of those items in order to do market research. Someone observing your checkout wouldn't know what YOU or by extension your company was after. Now imagine your WHY is to create a company that promotes health.

Instantly we know your visit to the grocery store will only include 2 of the four products. Your WHY defines the boundaries needed to focus your research. Your WHY informs or should inform every aspect of what you do.

Sinek's ideas are so clear and consistent with Curagami's vision we will be sharing more details about the collision of favorite ideas (Gladwell''s Tipping Point, Moore's Chasm and Kim's Blue Oceans) soon. If you are creating or thinking about creating a new company read Start With Why AND The Lean Startup.

Paul Ka's curator insight, January 29, 2:52 AM

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Crowdfunding Tips from The Clash

Crowdfunding Tips from The Clash | Startup Revolution |
Crowdfunding may be the ultimate "in your face" DIY (Do It Yourself) disruption. Much like the CLASH's "punk ethos", so well described in The Future Is Unwritten the biopic documentary film about Joe Strummer, marketers must create content and community with authenticity and awesome, daring and original content.
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Competing With Amazon: Social Pricing via @Curagami

Competing With Amazon: Social Pricing via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |
Amazon is a monster, but SMBs & smaller merchants can compete playing David to Amazon's Goliath. We discuss online marketing tactics to compete with Amazon.
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Crossing The Chasm Update - Geoffrey Moore Video

Crossing The Chasm Update - Geoffrey Moore Video | Startup Revolution |

Great update by Moore. Key time codes include:

5:34 - the Lean Startup answer to Where's the Chasm.

11:00 - How Amazon is leveling the Walmart karma.

#toogood great update.

J. Steven Sprenger ✔'s curator insight, December 31, 2014 11:52 AM

Look forward to your thoughts.

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Are We Too Excited By Excitement? via @Curagami

Are We Too Excited By Excitement?  via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Maybe our web marketing needs to slow down, build online community and curate more? Thomas Hellum's slow TV provides valuable lessons in what's next online.

Here are a few of Slow TV's valuable lessons in the creation of sustainable online community:

  • Social media + mobile = powerful community building tools combination.
  • Happening NOW creates an “event-like” atmosphere especially if you don’t edit the timeline.
  • Pre-sell community with an ASK, “What do you want to see”.
  • Use the web for support before, during and after event.
malek's curator insight, December 24, 2014 8:06 PM

More stats confirm the trend

  • Mobile sharing is double PC sharing
  • Almost 75% share on mobile
  • 1B Facebook users on mobile
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Web Marketing 101 For Car Dealers via @Curagami

Web Marketing 101 For Car Dealers via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Interesting, funny & sad watching car dealers create web & social marketing. Getting better is easy, fun and CHEAP as Web Marketing For Car Dealers shares.

We think of car dealers as "startups" because they need to start over and pivot their THINKING. Many of the tips shared in this Curagami post ( ) such as:

* People not THINGS Sell.
* Stories and People, People and Stories...matter.

* Humanize your approach and thinking.

* Let THEM (customers and brand advocates) HELP.

apply to stsrtups too so killing a pair of birds with a single blog post today. Picture is of me (left) and Travis Lunsford in front of a ROGUE (seemed appropriate lol).

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3 More Reasons Marketers Fail At Social Media

3 More Reasons Marketers Fail At Social Media | Startup Revolution |

3 More Reasons
Noticing that the @TedRubin post 3 Reasons Marketers Fail At Social Media ( ) wanted to weigh in with 3 MORE Reasons We Marketers Fail at Social Media Marketing:

* Not Thinking Mobile First
Breaking old habits is new especially when they only formed YESTERDAY. We started creating websites in 1999. 15 Years is not "yesterday" exactly but it's close in "learning" time. The world is moving faster than our marketing brains can keep up. One clear example of that is how we cling to the boxes, borders and design of websites. Websites are so OVER. Websites are now ways to test what you should put into your mobile marketing - a message we marketers have not received or understood fully yet.

* Talking Not Listening
Listening online is different. Listening on the web means following back, curating THEIR (customers and advocate) content and being open to sharing things that used to be uniquely OURS. Marketers are Type A hard chargers as a group and breaking them of thinking we make our livings communicating not curating is proving TOUGH.

* The Network Is the Computer
Scott McNealy's famous line about NETWORKS being where the action is has never been more true. We marketers like to push balls up hills like Sisyphus. Learning to build community, one of the hardest things I've ever done and I have cancer, is proving a tough transition.

Changing so much so fast is enough to make anyone seasick. You would think since we marketers are in the change business we would be ready, accepting and welcoming (of change). You would be wrong as these 3 More Reasons Marketers Fail At Social Media illustrate.

Good news is we don't give up either :). M

Followed this Scoopit with a post on Marketing's Timeline

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Social Media Profiling: A Marketing Must

Social Media Profiling: A Marketing Must | Startup Revolution |
Your business or brand has been an early adopter or late adopter on social media… good for you! It goes without saying that today social media is and should be part of any marketing and sales strat…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great share by @Brian Yanish - and boy do I agree with this statement:

With social media profiling… niche is where it is at.

2015 is about LOYALTY and loyalty comes from deeply winning customer hearts and minds with great experiences. Social Media Profiling shifts metrics toward the future where MORE isn't as important as BETTER. 
BogDan Wrzesinski's curator insight, December 3, 2014 2:34 AM

:) — ♛♥♪♥  Well done. Come Invite URL @GodSent247 #tsu

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Small Biz Saturday - = Our Favorite

Small Biz Saturday - = Our Favorite | Startup Revolution |

Small Business Saturday
Our favorite Small Business Saturday is Moon Audio. ( Moon Audio is home of #headphones with DRAGONS.

Dragons are Drew Baird's creation of better audio cable. Better audio cables mean great headphones like Fostex or Audeze sound amazing and good "cans" such as my Shure SE846s sound great.

We listen to so much music and depend on our earphones and headphones to shut out an increasingly noisy world, so #listenbetter is our motto and our friends at Cary, NC based Moon Audio make that possible.

If your headphones don't have dragons they don't sound as good as they could & that's why is our choice for #smallbusinesssaturday. What about you? What small businesses did you support today?

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33 Cool Apps Help Startups Create Visual Marketing FTW

33 Cool Apps Help Startups Create Visual Marketing FTW | Startup Revolution |

We have put together a list of tools that can help you create amazing visual content like infographics, memes, gifs, etc. Must read for every online marketer.

Marty Note

Great list mostly new to me. Missing one of my favorite visual marketing tools Haiku Deck: . Haiku Deck is much more than a simple UI on the Creative Commons. If you are SMART you will use Haiku and some of these other #cooltools to create the kind of arresting visual marketing we all need and aspire to daily.

Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, November 19, 2014 1:32 PM

A wealth of information.

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from UX Design!

Branding For Startups: Win Hearts, Minds, Loyalty

Branding For Startups: Win Hearts, Minds, Loyalty | Startup Revolution |

Marty Note
The linked post is important, but not for the reasons they think. The post mentions the factoid that most people wouldn't mind if 73% of brands disappeared. The post discusses brands like Tom's who wins hearts and minds with cause marketing.

We love Tom's too. Yes, what you do with customer money is important these days. We prefer the Cone Communications ( ) "social good" study that shows a growing trend. Consumers what to know how your STUFF helps change the world.

People don't BUY brands they JOIN them.
Faith Popcorn

Marketing guru Faith Popcorn's quote is a favorite. We would reposition the linked post toward the more important question - how is your brand creating sustainable community. Since most of customers are online merchants we would write the goal as, "How is your brand creating sustainable ONLINE community".

Online community is the secret to branding and engagement over time. We think of loyalty with two dimensions:

* Engagement over TIME (joining and visiting).

* Advocacy (willing to share with friends).

Every visitor can achieve #1, but a tiny % of your website's traffic will ever do #1 due to the 1:9:90 Rule. The 1:9:90 Rule explains the strange math of website visitors:

1% Contributors - 1% of your traffic will contribute content such as comments, reviews and the social shares such User Generated Content (UGC) generate.
9% Supporters - this group loves to share your content especially if it came from the 1%ers.
90% Readers - More important than their label makes them sound, Readders are the core of your visitors and so essential to SEO and your expanding web universe.

The trick to web marketing few discuss is converting that tribe of Contributors, Supporters and Readers into a sustainable online community. Branding creates the shorthand your Contributors and Supports use to ADVOCATE.

When you market by proxy, you are using Contributors and Supporters to reach their friends, you must encapsulate deep meaning into shareable "Made To Stick" bits and bytes. Your advocates can't share if your message is too complicated, so boil it down, mix it up and test, test and test some more. In there somewhere is the strange alchemy your brand needs to compel action (joining and advocating) and so win hearts, minds and loyalty.

BTW, I bent this post toward startups because every startup is tabula rasa when it comes to branding. Startups are blank slates written on by every piece of content, social share and tool created. We don't brand in order to create loyalty we win hearts, minds and loyalty in order to create brands and First Rule of Branding is what the linked post has backwards.

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein, Michael Allenberg
Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein's curator insight, November 7, 2014 2:07 PM

According to a survey, most people would not care if 73% of the brands would disappear!?

Share your latest experience on what your favorite brands are doing to earn your Loyalty, and ultimately your Advocacy?

It does start with earning your #trust.

Great insight @annettefranz @SDLjames with strong value connections @TOMS @USAA

Fred Zimny's curator insight, November 8, 2014 12:20 AM

Focus on encounters and experiences in stead of managing relations.

Ahmed Alkandari's curator insight, November 15, 2014 9:01 PM

"Most people worldwide would not care if more than 73% of brand disappeared." So, are companies wasting their money on advertisements and marketing; since, most people won't care about weather the brand will disappeared or not?! People who have brand loyalty are supposed to care if the brand they are loyal to will be available or not on the future. Also would these people considered faithful to their brand if they don't care?

What are brands might been doing wrong with customers?

don't focus on the customersare not providing value relative to priceare not providing value relative to the competition/alternativeshave broken customers' trustdon't deliver on their promisesdon't care about customersdon't meet customer expectationsare not innovative (think "same old same old")deliver a fragmented or poor experience

With all of these point, the relationship between them and their customers will be broken. Therefore, companies should focus more on their customers and design a good customer experience. Companies shouldn't only care about making money, they should also care and focus about being a part of something that matters to people and mean something to them.


Most of the article was asking questions and some questions didn't have answers in the article, they are open for general thinking and answering. It's interesting about how most people won't care if a brand disappeared on the future; for me I would! Of course life won't stop and new brands will enter the market. However, Some brands people got used to it and can's change that easily; the example of Apple. I also found it important about what they mentioned for customers relationship with the company. In my opinion, companies that focuses more on their relationship with their customers and making sure to build an experience with their customers are more successful than companies that focusses on making profits and increase their revenue. I a customer became loyal to a company and he had an experience with that company, he won't mind paying more on that company's goods. The reason is that the company had built a trust and an experience to that customer so he will be faithful and he would care about the brand and the company.

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Digital Brand Marketing!

Developing The Habit Of Noticing Stories + Free E-Book

Developing The Habit Of Noticing Stories + Free E-Book | Startup Revolution |
Visit one of Australia's top rated business blogs. The team at Anecdote share insights on business strategy, storytelling, leadership and collaboration.

Via Karen Dietz, Os Ishmael
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great @Karen Dietz share on her favorite topic - storytelling.

Karen Dietz's curator insight, February 11, 1:52 PM

Article Link: 

This Monday I was working with a client. Their company is littered with stories. Yet the CEO was lamenting, "What stories do we have to tell??!! I can't think of a single one!"

The problem was quickly fixed, and it is a common one my clients tell me about. So imagine my delight when this morning I receive the latest newsletter from my biz story colleague Shawn Callahan, CEO of Anecdote. His latest blog post is all about how to notice stories.

He's got some great tips in this quick article. Even better, scroll down to gain additional insights addressing other issues in business storytelling.

But wait wait! Don't go yet! Shawn also announced that his latest free e-book is now available for download: Character Trumps Credentials: 171 questions that help leaders tell great stories that influence, inspire and engage.

In coaching and workshops I always spend time on "the art of the question". Shawn has developed a great resource. Some of the questions use classic story prompts. Others might take an additional question or two to get to the story. Regardless, go grab this now and start using it.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

3 Must Follow Content Curators via @Curagami

3 Must Follow Content Curators via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

@Kelly Hungerfordand @Ally Greermay be the best community managers on the planet. We included our favorite storyteller / teacher ( @Karen Dietz since online communities will become more and more about stories (yours and THEIRS where theirs = customers and brand advocates).

Kelly Hungerford's comment, February 5, 2:38 PM
Thank you Marty! What an honor being mentioned next to Ally and Karen. You ROCK!
Kelly Hungerford's comment, February 5, 2:38 PM
Thank you Marty! What an honor being mentioned next to Ally and Karen. You ROCK!
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Our Favorite FREE SEO Tools In SEO For Web Designers @HaikuDeck

Our Favorite FREE SEO Tools In SEO For Web Designers @HaikuDeck | Startup Revolution |

SEO For Web Designers
Web designers shouldn't be SEO experts since keeping up with DESIGN is a full-time job. But web designers are where SEO rubber meets the Google Road so understanding a handful of ideas is critical to the online success of any designers creations.

This Haiku Deck includes a list of our favorite FREE SEO tools and how to use them to create a content marketing map. Content marketing maps help move your site to the first page of listings for keywords that matter (to your business or nonprofit).

Many of the tips included in SEO for Web Designers are universal and so helpful to anyone creating online communication...and who ISN'T creating online communication these days?

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Smashing Boxes Rocks the Iron Yard Code Academy

Smashing Boxes Rocks the Iron Yard Code Academy | Startup Revolution |

We design and develop custom web and mobile applications that Inspire. Innovate. Disrupt.

Started at Iron Yard Code Academy today and now hearing about strategic partnership with Smashing Boxes, one of my favorite development agencies located across the street from American Underground in Durham, NC.

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PullQuote: Cool But Unknown Social Quotes App

PullQuote: Cool But Unknown Social Quotes App | Startup Revolution |

Henry Copeland is a brilliant guy. His PullQuote app may be the most unknown cool tool out there. PullQuote allows you to grab a quote from a post and share it across your social nets.

Not unique....yet, but here is the rub - pull quote keeps an index of where the quote / tweet / Gplus post came from (link back to the very post and paragraph) AND you can see PullQuotes from friends.

PullQuote is such a cool tool I'm thinking of how to incorporate it into a friend's media startup. Always easier to mash something cool in than write it yourself.

Checkout Henry Copeland's PullQuote and see if you don't think is is the coolest unknown tool out there too:

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15 Viral Marketing Social Nets For 2015 via @jitsalunke

15 Viral Marketing Social Nets For 2015 via @jitsalunke | Startup Revolution |

Startups & Social Media (Marty Note)
Startups are so widget focused they often forget communication about their widget is just as important as creating the thing itself. Here are 15 "viral" social nets for 2015.

If you are going to spend a fraction of your time creating content and social marketing use the best tools. Several of these social nets are new to me and even though I believe setting out to create viral marketing is a fool's errand some of these "new to me" social nets look interesting.

I agree with the focus on VISUAL MARKETING this list implies too. Why is seeking to create viral marketing a "fool's errand"? Viral marketing HAPPENS. Trying to make viral marketing happen usually REDUCES your chances.

Best way to create viral marketing is to create great MARKETING or marketing that consistently earns more shares, likes and links.One day you will create something that goes BOOM and it will only be half a surprise.

They forgot one of my viral marketing faves -!

I like the linked post's ability to create a list of social nets rated by their viral marketing POTENTIAL:

WOWSOMEAPP's comment, December 31, 2014 2:27 AM
Augmented Reality would rejuvenate the life of Social Network.
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5 Web #muststeal Web Marketing Ideas from's Record Year via @Curagami

5 Web #muststeal Web Marketing Ideas from's Record Year via @Curagami | Startup Revolution | is having a record year. This post is about how YOUR website can steal from 5 ideas fueling Moon's online success to set records of your own.
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10 Statup Dos & Don'ts With Scenttrail Comments

10 Statup Dos & Don'ts With Scenttrail Comments | Startup Revolution |

What a startup company should avoid and what should imitate

Marty Note

10 Do’s and Don’ts for startups

1. Don’t waste time creating huge Biz Plans.

AGREE Become a NOWIST (watch Joy Ito's TED Talk

2. Be Flexible
AGREE and don't let anyone tell you "startups do it this way" they are full of it. Startups do it every way.

3. Don’t imitate large companies.
AGREE small is the new BIG. Better to be nimble and fast these days. Trying to be something you are not is a fool's errand since everyone knows everything all the time.

4. Differentiation & USP Beat Innovation.
AGREE execution matters more than ideas no matter how sexy the idea.

5. No Org Chart Thinking.
AGREE, everyone needs to do everything all the time. Some roles and responsibilities need to be defined, but loosely so. Better to step on each other than create "not my table" thinking.

6. No Glam or Funky Titles
Agree, the Chief Party Hardy Man is dated and stupid. Don't go there and don't use big sounding titles. I prefer FOUNDER to CEO.

7. Don’t evangelize repeatedly your vision and strategy.
DISAGREE STRONGLY This is strange advice. I wear my startups logo DAILY and will give our elevator pitch to strangers and it gets a little better each time. Once I can do our pitch in my sleep and see recognition instead of a thousand yard stare upon reception then I will slow down the pitching practice.

8. Don’t look for extra skilled or over qualified personnel.
Agree there is no silver bullet and that includes people. If you get some massively talented guru level talent they will be too hard to work with in a startup environment. .

9. Don’t set numerous, unclear or unrealistic objectives.
Agree - see point #1 about becoming a NOWIST.

10. Don’t ignore the strength of the team.
Agree ad would add BECOME a team. You must be one for all and all for one with each member realizing and acting on the "sum of the parts is greater than the whole" idea. No I in team and that means sacrifice ego at the door of any startup. No one can do that 100% but TRY.

Jeremy Barton's curator insight, December 11, 2014 2:41 AM

We sometimes spend too much time on we think we need to do and no time at all on what we don't need to do.

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Launched: Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now!

Launched: Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now! | Startup Revolution |

Got Busy and LAUNCHED Near There Now Today:

@NearThereNow on Twitter

NearThereNow on G+

NearThereNow on Facebook

NearThereNow on YouTube

& promptly made a mistake calling Jack Reacher James Patterson's creation instead of Lee Child. sigh, all good since now I get to use iMovie to fix it and learn more about how to edit movies :). M

Oh, and drove 457 miles to Columbus. Amazing HOW MUCH is needed to launch even a little idea these days.

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THINK Like A Marketing Pro: 5 Secret Tips via @HaikuDeck

THINK Like A Marketing Pro: 5 Secret Tips via @HaikuDeck | Startup Revolution |

Biggest challenge to great web marketing may be learning to THINK like an Internet marketer. Here are 5 Secret Tips to help you become a great IMer:

* Hedge & Diversify.

* Know your Over / Under.

* Card Count & Double Down.

* Become A Nowist.
* 4 out of 5 = Hall of Internet Marketing Fame.

BogDan Wrzesinski's curator insight, December 3, 2014 2:36 AM

:) — ♛♥♪♥  Well done. Come Invite URL @GodSent247 #tsu

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The Best Of Banksy Animated Into Incredible GIFs

The Best Of Banksy Animated Into Incredible GIFs | Startup Revolution |

Photoshop 'wizard' ABVH out of Serbia has taken some of the recently highlighted works of Banksy while he was in New York City and transformed them into absolutely incredible and hypnotizing animated GIFs on his Tumblr.

Marty Note
I lifted ABVH's animation for our Curagami ( cover to our 10 Social Marketing Lessons From Banksy and couldn't remember where I found the great animated Gif. HuffPost to the rescue and thanks to ABVH for such amazing talent.

Here is a link to 10 Social Media Marketing Lessons From Banksy:

Here is the links to ABVH's amazing animations:

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Recycle Old Blogs Into Shiny New Content (Part1) For Startups

Recycle Old Blogs Into Shiny New Content (Part1) For Startups | Startup Revolution |

Marty Note

Startups are so pressed for time they often ignore or make a C priority developing content marketing. That is a huge mistake when it comes time to close a round of funding.

Startups with following have leverage and so may survive. In this excellent two part series Andrian Leighton shares tips on how to blog and how to recycle old blog posts into new content. With these tips every startup has the time to develop the most overlooked but important thing almost all startups overlook - effective content marketing.

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