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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Software Eats the World : We Are All Softwareists Now

Software Eats the World : We Are All Softwareists Now | Startup Revolution |

We Are All Software Makers Now

I think Joi Ito's TED talk about NOWISM is correct and a tsunami trend few understand or address. Right after the NOWISM wave comes the, "We are all software creators" wave. 

We love this line, "It is decidedly non-trivial for a company in a non-tech traditional industry to start thinking and acting like a software company." Damn skippy it is hard to become a "softwareist". 


Software engineers speak a different language, think differently than left brain creatives (most marketing people are left brain creatives) and want to engineer the world. 


The subtext of this well written and intelligently conceived post is find blue oceans or die. I'm mixing metaphors since the post doesn't contextualize using Kim's great Blue Ocean Strategies book, but the implication hangs in this post like a line separating winners from losers. 




Farid Mheir's curator insight, June 13, 11:31 AM

An article that reminds us that software is everywhere and that all companies should focus on making this trend part of their strategic plan.



The article focusses on 2 key elements: timing and focus. These are essential as not all industry move at the same speed. Case in point: book sales and grocery. Probably two ends of the spectrum, book sales have moved to online early and in a big way. Grocery: not so much. Actually, not yet. Because we all know it is coming, we will buy our staple grocery cans from a website in the coming years. Question is when.


And when this happens, when customers are ready and retailers find a way to remain profitable even when they do more work, then it will become a game of choosing the right products at the right price. Same as today. But with a different distribution channel. Focus will remain being a great grocer, not a great technology company. Or will it?

Russell R. Roberts, Jr.'s curator insight, June 18, 1:18 AM
Thanks to reporter Farid Mheir for this look at how software is changing our world.  We must adjust to the new digital reality before we are left behind.  A cautionary tale for any business.
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

First Example of A SpinSnip [New Content Marketing Tool]

First Example of A SpinSnip [New Content Marketing Tool] | Startup Revolution |

A SpinSnip is moving content from one dimention to another to maximize ROI. SpinSnip Tools is a suite of curation and content marketing tools that help move content within the owned, paid, earned and curated ecosystem increasing return and lowering content creation costs with each SpinSnip. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SpinSnip is a suite of content marketing tools we are developing to help marketers lower content creation costs, know what content generates ROI. and connect top of the funnel (traffic generation) to the bottom of the funnel (conversion). SpinSnip means moving content from one bucket to another in order to maximize ROI. SpinSnip may move Paid Content to Earned Content or Eearned To Owned increasing return with each SpinSnip. 

We are creating 5 SpinSnip Tools:

SpinSnip Curator (Content Marketing).
SpinSnip Analyst (Content Marketing Analytics).
SpinSnip Marketer (Lead Gen, Branding, "Advertising").

SpinSnip Crowds (Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing)
SpinSnip C Level (Content Marketing for C Level).

SpinSnip Curator helps create a workable content development framework by tagging every piece of content created in multiple dimensions and then SPINNING the content dial to see the most helpful view. 

The post below Spins and Snips content from three sources. While this SpinSnip could almost stand on its own most will need editing to meld paragraps to graphics and Vice Versa. 

SpinSnip Curator Dashboard Example
We LACK the tools needed as content marketers to effectively know what content needs spinning and what should be snipped, so we are working on that. Working on a set of tools content marketers can use to know what content is achieving critical mass and why.


[Insert @Pardot Graphic from Here (Image at top of this post). 

“Wow you create a lot of content,” a friend said at lunch yesterday. I felt the need to apologize (again). “I love Internet marketing, like to write and enjoy meeting and working with new people,” I stammered.  What I was THINKING was, “I create a lot of content marketing because each piece of content teaches me something and I’m in a big hurry”.

Source: Social Mentions Study 

Want to keep in touch and learn more about SpinSnip as we develop?

Follow @SpinSnipTools 

Andrew Johnson's curator insight, July 18, 2013 3:55 AM

Another example of the convergence of marketing and technology.'s curator insight, July 18, 2013 12:43 PM

Well worth following this up. A tool kit for marketeers with 5 elements starting with content.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 18, 2013 5:28 PM
Well said Increase Your Trade! Going to steal, "A Tool Kit For Marketers With 5 Elements Starting With Content" Thanks. M