Startup Weekend Triangle Health 8.8.14 w/ @Curagami Founder Speaking | Startup Revolution |

Change The World, Save Yourself
I used to preach the need to THINK BIG, to change the world. Now I discuss the need to THINK BIG and change something more controllable - yourself. Next Friday 8.8.14 I'm speaking at the opening of the Triangle Startup Weekend about living a EULOGY instead of a RESUME life.

I came to the realization my life wasn't courageous the hard way - by having the Big C force courage on me. Entrepreneurs next weekend are signing on to making the world a better place and they will learn their main instrument is...themselves.

As we change, grow and see the world different movements are possible and our "virus" can be shared. Can a company started next weekend in Durham, NC change the world? You bet it can :). Marty