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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Are We Too Excited By Excitement? via @Curagami

Are We Too Excited By Excitement?  via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Maybe our web marketing needs to slow down, build online community and curate more? Thomas Hellum's slow TV provides valuable lessons in what's next online.

Here are a few of Slow TV's valuable lessons in the creation of sustainable online community:

  • Social media + mobile = powerful community building tools combination.
  • Happening NOW creates an “event-like” atmosphere especially if you don’t edit the timeline.
  • Pre-sell community with an ASK, “What do you want to see”.
  • Use the web for support before, during and after event.
malek's curator insight, December 24, 2014 8:06 PM

More stats confirm the trend

  • Mobile sharing is double PC sharing
  • Almost 75% share on mobile
  • 1B Facebook users on mobile
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Visual marketing: 8 Tips from Vogue" via @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail

Visual marketing: 8 Tips from Vogue" via @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail | Startup Revolution |

8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue

* Be specific & Use BIG NUMBERS to help.
* Branded - use existing and known brands.
* Portrait Images - images staring at camera = most powerful.
* Events - Ride wave of current events.
* Alliteration.

* Juxtapositions.
* Action verbs.

* Simple colors.

If every startup were to follow those 8 visual marketing tips from Vogue they would improve their website's performance. Just don't copy off of Vogue's website. For some reason great magazines haven't been able to crack the code for great websites (strange since these rules apply to either).