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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media After Death of Vine - Curagami

Social Media After Death of Vine - Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Learning to keep calm and embrace the web marketing suck. Vine is dead and social media marketing is changing....again. 

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Startups Take Note: The Social Patient About To EXPLODE Healthcare

Startups Take Note: The Social Patient About To EXPLODE Healthcare | Startup Revolution |

Healthcare Is About To Explode
I have a friend, Mary Kay O'Connor founder of Starting Point ( ), who is about to jump off the roof. She's been selling, or attempting to sell, into healthcare for several years.

Healthcare is bureaucratic, infected with "Father Knows Best" syndrome, changing rapidly thanks to The Social Patient and ripe for the startup pickings. If your fabric is as TOUGH as my old boss Mary Kay's you may want to look HARD at healthcare since it is about to explode (whether it wants to or not). 

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Social Media Profiling: A Marketing Must

Social Media Profiling: A Marketing Must | Startup Revolution |
Your business or brand has been an early adopter or late adopter on social media… good for you! It goes without saying that today social media is and should be part of any marketing and sales strat…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great share by @Brian Yanish - and boy do I agree with this statement:

With social media profiling… niche is where it is at.

2015 is about LOYALTY and loyalty comes from deeply winning customer hearts and minds with great experiences. Social Media Profiling shifts metrics toward the future where MORE isn't as important as BETTER. 
BogDan Wrzesinski's curator insight, December 3, 2014 2:34 AM

:) — ♛♥♪♥  Well done. Come Invite URL @GodSent247 #tsu

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Fix Mobile Ecom Change World and Stripe Is Halfway Home

Fix Mobile Ecom Change World and Stripe Is Halfway Home | Startup Revolution |

Stripe Story
Can a couple of 20 somethings change the world? Stripe's answer is a strong affirmative YES. Stripe is fixing the biggest barrier to the social / mobile / connected web. We can't buy stuff on our phones.

Phones are, to use the founders of Stripe's words, "Clunky" (watch that video here: ). Why is the phone the lynchpin? Stop thinking of your phone as a phone.

Think of your phone as a PORTAL, game console and magic wand. Soon "see a thing, buy a thing" will be taken for granted but only if the Stipers can make mobile payments less "clunky".

I poked around on their site some and would say they are half way down a very interesting road. Why is the phone the lynchpin? Because once payments work on phones they work ANYWHERE.

Once payments work anywhere social commerce becomes a reality and "see a thing, hear a thing, buy a thing" a reality. Extend the logic further and ask, "What is a website?".

If we can wrap "see, click, buy" tech on phones we can do so on Facebook, the Redbox machine and the grocery store. Scan those fritos with your phone and Harris Teeter or Wegmans or Kroger bills your account.

NO CHECKOUT because your PHONE is the checkout. Fix ecom on the phone, change the world.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Twitter Clinic: 11 Points No Startup Can Afford To Ignore

Twitter Clinic: 11 Points No Startup Can Afford To Ignore | Startup Revolution |

New business, major ambitions, no budget… now what? You know your startup brand should have a Twitter account, the marketing opportunities can rocket your company into the big leagues.

It’s a free platform that puts businesses on a level playing field, where a decent Tweet can reach up to 271 million active users at an unprecedented speed. Using it correctly unlocks a huge return with little to no financial investment.

That sounds perfect – if you wanted to reach an audience of that size on almost any other medium you’d be paying an amount of money that most small businesses in the US could only dream of.

Getting a solid foothold on Twitter can be a challenge if your brand isn’t established yet. But Twitter users follow at least 5 brands on average, so they’re willing to be courted by you if you can appeal to them.

This means that in every industry there are startups using Twitter to grow their audience, increase their leads, help their customers, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Here’s how you can be one of them:

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great notes by Marketing Hits Brian Yanish, a trusted social media and content marketing source.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Startups NOT Using GooglePlus Are NUTS, Here's Why...

Startups NOT Using GooglePlus Are NUTS, Here's Why... | Startup Revolution |

Wow, this post is TAKING OFF fast. Its about something I keep talking about and no one seems to HEAR. GPlus is the place to create your Internet marketing and I use numbers from @Crowdfundeanalysis.@CrowdfundeFind An Amazing G+ Analysis here:

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Why Startups Should Use Mindful Curation with Judy Gombita

Why Startups Should Use Mindful Curation with Judy Gombita | Startup Revolution |

Startups &
This is a great interview with a knowledgeable curator - Judy Gombita. Startups are in a constant state of frenzy. They must create content, but they are creating other things too like a product or a company.

Most startups abandon content marketing until after they launch. That is a mistake. Start sharing content NOW and is a great way to share because it uses your Twitter feed to create one of the most powerful, "Get more done with less effort," content curation tools around.

Your helps build community, inform your content marketing and create feedback loops and it can be as "plug and play" as you want. Highly recommend all startups have a since this great tool is like putting your Twitter on steroids. .

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Social Business Trends 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Business Trends 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC] | Startup Revolution |
Imgur is home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

Via Salah ALhaj Ahmed, Luciana Viter
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

File this infographic under "stats to help sell social to the c level" and good luck.

Tomas Trejbal's curator insight, April 1, 2014 2:36 AM

Social Business Trends 2014...

StrutturaFine | pl's curator insight, April 4, 2014 12:33 PM

Numeri, tendenze, stats | il #Mobile su tutto

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Facebook vs LinkedIn [infographic]

Facebook vs LinkedIn [infographic] | Startup Revolution |
Choosing between Facebook and LinkedIn might not be an easy choice. You probably know both platforms as a user. Let's try to analyze those two systems in order for you to decide which one to use.

Via Georgina Lester, Mark Gittos
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Each social net has it own rhythm. Matching your marketing and brand position to the right social net is important. This helpful infographic discusses how and when to use LinkedIn vs. Facebook.

Nicoletta Gay's curator insight, March 29, 2014 3:47 PM

The standard answer usually is: Facebook is for B2C while LinkedIn is for B2B. It is actually more complex than that.    

Victor Juarez's curator insight, March 31, 2014 5:55 PM

Facebook or  Linkedin? Mejor las dos pero si hay que elegir...

Dawn Jensen's curator insight, April 8, 2014 5:59 PM

For those who are looking to see how they would reach a potential client or prospect, here's a great way to see top-tiered social networks side by side.

Suggested by Agnipravo Sengupta!

How Startups Can Use Power Of Social Media (Infographic)

How Startups Can Use Power Of Social Media (Infographic) | Startup Revolution |

"Startups face tremendous pressure while competing with their bigger counterparts. They neither have large manpower nor big infrastructure. Social media can become an effective solution in helping them grow. This infographic shows how startups should utilize the power of social media."

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Startups are "too busy" to create and publish content on the web. I understand. There was a time when I felt guilty about how much time I spend on social media. 

One day I realized the time I spend on social media IS MY JOB. I'm a marketing guy. I've been selling one thing or another for thirty years starting with bar soap for P&G and now our CrowdFunde startup.

Social media is where relationships start and all selling is relationship selling today since we don't buy anything from someone we don't "know" and trust. Despite the fact it makes startups feel like Willy Loman at some point they need to sell something to someone. 

Selling something to someone means startups must embrace social media marketing as visualized in this infographic.  

lorrinda's curator insight, February 19, 2014 8:19 AM

Micropreneurs can use the power of social media for selling because " media is where relationships start and all selling is relationship selling" [so that you are known, liked and trusted]... enough that people feel comfortable buying from you or based on your recommendation.

Matty Bdn's curator insight, February 20, 2014 4:23 AM

Comment les médias sociaux peuvent-ils devenir une solution au développement des startups ?


Voici un exemple d'infographie efficace pour montrer comment les startups doivent les utiliser. 

Samuel Pavin's curator insight, February 21, 2014 6:16 AM

Social Media for startups. Not just communication but a major tool for advertising, sales, marketing and customer service. 


Suggested by Lila Wonderbra!

15 Blogs For Tech Startup Press Coverage

15 Blogs For Tech Startup Press Coverage | Startup Revolution |
Getting your tech startup covered in press isn't easy. Nonetheless, it's one of the most valuable activities which provides your endeavor with links and
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Startup Press Coverage
Couple of suggestions on top of this article. Follow these blogs before you send them an email asking for something. Follow their Tweets and get to know their blog voice and tone.

Next check out their writers and publishers on LinkedIn. Get to know their backgrounds and what kinds of stories they like to cover and with whom. Writers have specialties. One writer might do all the new app cover another covers new CMS or CRMs.

Finally make sure your web presence is solid before you seek coverage. Any ASK of a PR contact will result first in a visit to your site. Make sure your site is consistent with your email, engaging, exciting and full of the kind of candy the blog likes to discuss.

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10 Reasons Why You Ignore Google+ At YOUR Peril

10 Reasons Why You Ignore Google+ At YOUR Peril | Startup Revolution |

Why should you use Google+?There are lots of good reasons to pay attention to Google+, but for me it comes down to these three:

  • Search is becoming social
  • Google+ Authorship is becoming a filter for quality content
  • Google+ has the best user experience of any social network

Visit the link to find additional insights, resource links, and useful Google+ information.

Via Lauren Moss
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I agree with all three of those reasons and would add these 7 ideas about why you can no longer afford to ignore GooglePlus:

  • Google Plus is NOT a social net per se, it is a "revolution in online communication" and a "tool" says B. L. Ochman. 
  • If you don't figure out how to use this new tool your competitor is sure to do so and then PAIN will result.
  • Other social nets are becoming endless tit for tat smackdowns (you gain 1,000 followers they gain 5,000) so why play that losing game when GPlus is almost always a blue ocean?
  • No better conversation tool than GPlus (period) and this time is all about the social conversation.
  • No one has millions of followers yet on GooglePlus (or very few do) so your chances of being followed back are excellent AND GooglePlus promotes conversations not just follows.
  • Since GooglePlus is a TOOL it is invested in making YOU the publisher successful not requiring you to make it successful like most social nets.
  • Its's Google.

One final thought. I've lived through several major tipping points such as the move to commerce from brochureware, the mobile revolution and the social revolution RIGHT NOW feels like the GPlus Tipping point.

Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, November 14, 2013 5:00 PM

Protecting content and getting benefits of authorship become more important. Here's some good information.

Hanin Abu Al Rub's curator insight, November 18, 2013 2:56 AM

I believe so...

Jim Doyle's curator insight, December 6, 2013 1:13 AM
3 Compelling Reasons Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Google+
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The Powerful Rise of Google [Infographic]

The Powerful Rise of Google [Infographic] | Startup Revolution |
Did you know that Google raked in $50 billion in 2012? It has come a long way its early days, back when it was known as BackRub.

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Martine Boucher
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Funny. On the day of the Facebook offering I heard major players discuss how they were doubling down on Google while limiting their Facebook investments confirming a trend everyone in my tribe of Internet marketers felt - Google's resurgence. Great infographic here showing just how broad, wide and powerful Google's "resurgence' is and we are only half way through the second act.

John Thomas's curator insight, February 7, 2014 7:39 AM

The Rise of Google [Infographic] |

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

15 #mustfollow Startup on Twitter via @aprejs #startups

15 #mustfollow Startup on Twitter via @aprejs #startups | Startup Revolution |

Must Follower Startup Experts & Resourcs
Are you an active user of Twitter? Great! If not - get there as fast as you can and follow these 15 startup influencers. Recommended by an online market...

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great list by Alexandra. I added a bunch of "new to me" resources such as 



@IanCleary (and Ian followed me back, #toogood)

Was already following

@davidedelman (brilliant McKinsey partner who wrote me a nice note when I talked about his Branding In All The Wrong Places article for HBR)

@lizstrauss (and she followed me back, also #toogood)

@ChrisBrogan (he helped with Cure Cancer Starter and I met him at a show in SF...good, smart, menschy guy) @JoePulizzi (met Joe at one of his content marketing shows in Cleveland, father of content marketing is a good, smart guy too)  

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Social Branding Is Inevitable & Possibly Painful: How To Recover Infographic via @Kissmetrics

Social Branding Is Inevitable & Possibly Painful: How To Recover Infographic via @Kissmetrics | Startup Revolution |

Social media disasters can happen to the best of them. Today’s infographic goes over some social media bombs and how to recover from them.

Marty Note
The world is social. You can't avoid it, wish social away or delegate it to only certain silos. Your company, brands and services will be more social next year than this and so on. The evolution of social and mobile mean you MUST risk the "sticks and stones" of inevitable failure and learn how to recover.

This Kiss Metrics infographic can help.

Via Wes Thomas
Jeremy Barton's curator insight, April 8, 2015 4:11 AM

Some interesting things to look out for when we market on Social Media

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Burn Down Your Website NOWIST via @Curagami

Burn Down Your Website NOWIST via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |


Beat the rush. Have courage, light a match, become a NOWIST :). M

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The Pinterest One Step - Generated Leads By Pinning & Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes

The Pinterest One Step - Generated Leads By Pinning & Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes | Startup Revolution |

Last month, 14% of our website visitors AND new contacts came from Pinterest. Pretty good, right?

Well, for one of our clients, 48 percent of his traffic 57% of new contacts came from Pinterest.

...This example of the smoothie recipes is almost too easy. I know. But that doesn’t mean your landscaping company has no choice but to create ebooks about smoothies! Let’s say you created an ebook on starting a vegetable garden. The planning process may be broken down into  a few steps. Then there is preparation, a trip to the nursery or hardware store, etc. Each of those steps could use its own pinnable image. You could either create one template and change out the text. Or, you could use colorful images of vegetables and gardens with some text outlining a specific tip or step in the process.

And that, my friends, is my #1 tip for how to get massive numbers of leads from Pinterest.

Via Jeff Domansky
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Jeff Domansky's curator insight, September 10, 2014 2:48 AM

On Pinterest, it's all about the pictures. Here's how to get better results.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success Impacts SMBs & Startups via @Curagami

Illusion of PPC and E-Mail Success Impacts SMBs & Startups via @Curagami | Startup Revolution |

Never Ending Battle Truth, Justice & American Way
Tough "Dog Days" of summer for "Super Hero" marketing tactics. Here is a list of the dead and dying tactics:

SMB Marketing Tactics Costing More, Getting Less:

* Yellow Pages (near death). 
* Print ads (near death).

* Val-u-pak coupons (near death).

* Coupons of any kind (losing relevance with smartphone users)..

* Groupons (blows brands up almost beyond repair).
* Email marketing (sick due to social / mobile web). 
* Social Media Marketing (sick and getting sicker fast). 
* Content Marketing.(content shock sick).

* Ecommerce (too many stores, same offerings).
* PPC (paying more to get less). 
* Retargeting (cat out of bag, so sick efficacy declining).
* Video Marketing (steep learning curve, expensive). 
* Viral Marketing (everyone has that cold now & hit or miss). 
* Cause Marketing (not as unique as once was & live or die with partner).

* Celebrity Marketing (expensive and live or die with branded celeb).

* SEO (don't even get us started, all but gone, baby, gone). 

Many of these "SMB" tactics are in a startup's launch plan too. Good luck with that. Startups have to double down on asynchronous tactics since their money is tight and they have little or no brand awareness yet.

Favorite startup asynchronous tactics of ours include:

* OPN (tap Other People's Networks).
* OPM (tap Other People's Money via crowdfunding).
* Crowdfunding.
* Friends-of-Friends marketing.
* Community (start handing of the keys to your content early).
* Partnerships.
* OPC (Other People's Content via content curation with attribution(.
* Video Marketing (learning curve and expense scares most away).
* Events.
* Training.
* Contests & Games.

That last bullet can be especially powerful for startups. Remember to create tools needed to empower advocates, contributors and Sherpas. Make it easy to help you by providing graphical tools, listening and curating content into a social space (curation is a form of social reward).  


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Could A New Candy Company Disrupt Emperors of Chocolate? A: Yes - via @CrowdFunde

Could A New Candy Company Disrupt Emperors of Chocolate? A: Yes - via @CrowdFunde | Startup Revolution |

Emperors of Chocolate & New SEO
How would my former employer M&M/Mars or our arch rival Hershey react to the new SEO? Not so great. This is how the door gets opened for "clean slate" brands savvy at social media and who don't have a hundred years of built up animosity.  

Could a new candy company focused on social media and the web survive? Might be a long time before the giants even knew an upstart was around. First company to become the Emperor of online CONTENT wins :). so YES a new candy company could disrupt the space.  

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Startups Should Use G+, Here's Why

Startups Should Use G+, Here's Why | Startup Revolution |

GPlus Is For Startups
GPlus is a much misunderstood social network. That misunderstanding may stem from the fact it is not a social net. GPlus is really a tool suite with a social net sitting on top of it. There are several reasons G+ is great for startups including:

* Not As Crowded as other Social Nets.

* Better for long form content.

* Great for conversations.
* Hangouts on Air = create YouTube Videos automatically.

* There's a learning curve.

That last bullet is why we love G+. Since there is a bit of a learning curve, many aspects of the tool are not intuitive, the uncommitted are turned away. What is left is a group of power users ready, willing and able to contribute meaningful content, inspiration and awareness for your startup.

Try creating a committed tribe of power users on Facebook (hint: you can't). Share pictures of your new baby on Facebook, use GPlus to build your business.

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Startup Tips From CEO Dognition - The Personality Test For Dogs

Startup Tips From CEO Dognition - The Personality Test For Dogs | Startup Revolution |

Lunch With Smart Dogs at Triangle Startup Factory
Kip Frey ( pictured in middle above) is a smart entrepreneur who one might say has "gone to the dogs". Kip spoke at Free Lunch Friday at +Triangle StartUp Factory today about Dognition ( ).

Dognition is a Myers/Briggs personality test for dogs. During an hour long fascinating conversation Kip made several points we've heard consistently from Chris and Dave at TSF such as:

* Ideas that "seem true" create their own momentum.
* Look for ideas that "create a new category".
* Ideas with great partnership hooks work best since partners help create scale with OPL (Other Poeple's Lists) and OPC (Other People's Content).

Dognition is a cool idea since we humans are always anthropomorphizing our animals. Now you can do a test AT HOME with your dog to figure out which one of 9 classifications your dog's personality falls within. You can compare your dog to dogs in your area, across the country or possibly the world (soon Kip mentioned they are already speaking to interested parties in China).

I found Kip and Dognition's #brandingstrategy fascinating. Kip and the team at Dognition spent a year working on the #DIY version of their test. They needed enough data shared by "citizen scientists" after taking their test that the hard work created in the lab held up even in the DIY home version.

"I think people are more interested in their dogs than in their DNA," Kip said at one point and I agree. There are 70M dog owning families in America (so one in three roughly) and each year brings 7M new dogs to market.

Branding            vs                   Scale

The tension between creating a brand with meaning and the scale necessary to support that meaning was interesting. Kip decided to do a deal with Purina One to gain scale. Sounds like he had to defend the sizable deal with his board because they were worried about "brand purity".

#branding is tricky. Too much scale too fast could marginalize the brand. The science at the core of the test is something that could be seen as goofy in the wrong context. By doing an exclusive with Purina One for 2014 Dognition gets millions in partner ad dollars - the test is a freebie if dog owners complete a 28 day "Purina One 28 Day Challenge" ( ).

Cool promo and great legitimacy for Dognition and possibly just the right amount of scale. Partnerships bring interesting challenges. Dognition can get swallowed whole by Purina, and can anyone spot the BIG #socialmarketing error on the Purina One challenge page?

ERROR - Love that Purina is using Tweets, but seeing 46 day old Tweets HURTS the social legitimacy of their campaign. A 46 day old tweet from a customer is fine IN ROTATION, but what if the only representation I see has old content?

When curating old and new social content from Purina and users always have something in the roll that is current, only several hours hold max. Using customer Tweets is brave, but stale in its current implementation. Even if the Purina staff creates Tweets today that related to something that happened 46 days ago have something current on social.

Building  a #story off of #UGC is what +CrowdFunde is all about. Conversations require different #contentcuration and #contentcreation than promotional push. Purina One's misuse of #SMM is a perfect validation for a tool like CrowdFunde that helps create, curate and converse with the most valuable content on earth - User Generated Content (UGC).

By isolating old tweets without a clear understanding about why they are there, other than being self congratulatory, Purina destroys what they hope to build - active, alive conversations.

We think Dognition will have great conversations since learning your dog's personality feels like something MADE for social shares, but HOW you share social conversations is tricky as a big brand like Purina proves. Turning conversations into #engagemn and #loyalty is trickier still.

Cool talk today with many lessons for #startups and #Internetmarketers . Dognition is going to be on 60 Minutes in April and they will have a reality TV show on Nat Geo Wild so conversations will happen. Team at CrowdFunde wishes our fellow Durham #startup   luck and a free CrowdFunde installation if they want to discover how to build community on a scale hard to knock down or duplicate...because building ongoing engagement after initial novelty is based on the quality, frequency and value of Dognition's (and any brand's) CONVERSATIONS!

Thanks to Kip for speaking with TSF startups today! Marty

PS. Kip asked for feedback on the Dognition site and since I know there are a lot of ecommerce conversion experts that follow me send me your thoughts and I will pull together 5 to 10 "would be better if" kinds of feedback for .

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Battle of the Sexes: Men & Women Use Social Media Differently [infographic]

Battle of the Sexes: Men & Women Use Social Media Differently [infographic] | Startup Revolution |
Women dominate on Facebook, but men are more prevalent on Twitter (RT @Mangoes57: How men and women use social media differently in one graphic: via @TIMENewsfeed)...

Via Heather Koroll
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love this infographic. What it says is we lucky few Internet marketers have several dimensions to think about when we use social media including:

* Are we communicating on MARS or VENUS?
* What is the NATIVE language of the platform?

* What are the stated and unstated RULES of the platform?
* How do we NOT step on a crack and break our SMM's back?

Great infographic.

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New Money: Startup Investment Criteria - via @CrowdFunde

New Money: Startup Investment Criteria - via @CrowdFunde | Startup Revolution |

Don't Ask The Wrong Questions
Statup Investors Often Ask The WRONG Questions in the WRONG ways. Here are examples of GOOD questions to ask startup entrepreneurs:

* How many unique visitors will your site get daily in the first year?

* How many downloads (or sales) will your site make daily?

* What is projected cost of customer acquisition first through third years?

* Where will your website’s traffic come from? Top 3 – 5 sources?

* Who are you disrupting and what is the PageRank PageSpread and number of inbound Links.

Complete list is included in the linked post on CrowdFunde

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Pssst...hey man you got the Crowdfunde Enterprise Crowdfunding Biz Plan or What?

Pssst...hey man you got the Crowdfunde Enterprise Crowdfunding Biz Plan or What? | Startup Revolution |

Waterboarding or Business Plan Reading
I "retired" from my Marketing Director post at Atlantic BT last week to start my fifth company. Yes that's right the Shuffle Board World Championships will have to wait a few more years as we try to build a new tool to help B2C and B2B content marketers tap a rich new vein of User Generated Content gold - "enterprise crowdfunding".

Yes we realize "enterprise crowdfunding" sound like an oxymoron, but we think crowdfunding will become a new marketing channel for e-retailers and B2B content marketers. Our plan is due Monday. If you would like to be a "reader" and pass up the waterboarding let us know and we will make sure you get a copy of the Crowdfunde business plan.

All ides, comments and suggestions are much appreciated no matter how much we disagree (lol). Marty

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Is Not Participating in Social Media a Liability? A: Lawyers Say YES (so should startups)

Is Not Participating in Social Media a Liability? A: Lawyers Say YES (so should startups) | Startup Revolution |

Great Neil Ferree Post meant for Lawyers but equally applicable to startups and any online business (and what business isn't an online business now?). Lawyer capitulation is particularly interesting because lawyers worry about content creation's legal implications more than any other business.

For an "inside baseball" lawyer website like this one to explain the importance of content marketing supported by social shares means the costs of NOT participating are so much greater than the liabilities of creating great content marketing supported by social. If "not joining" the movement is so clear to lawyers the same implicaitons should be clear to all.

I work with many healthcare providers and they should read this post too. Anyone with QUALMS or worries about content marketing and social shares should read this post since it explains the prohibitive costs of NOT joining the content and social marketing party already in progress.

Yes the article is a tad technical, but your takeaway should be if LAWYERS are encouraging other LAWYERS to create and support content the last brick in the dam is in place. Any continued denial, obfuscation or non-acceptance of content and social marketing will be expensive (as in you won't be here much longer).

We can discuss the need to be GREAT later, right now let's simply agree Content Marketing and Social PRESENCE are DEMANDED.

Expanded on these thoughts on GPlus:

Simply Social Media's curator insight, November 5, 2013 1:04 PM

The cost of not participating in Social Media will continue to grow over the next 3 - 5 years.  If you are looking to start in #socialmedia we make it incredibly easy at Simply Social Media.  Our packages start at only $495.00 per month.

Neil Ferree's comment, November 5, 2013 1:20 PM
See what I mean Marty? You have a way with words and a rare talent to turn a complex issue into an actionable item. Thanks for the show out too!
Marie-Brigitte Souci's curator insight, November 5, 2013 7:02 PM

Great content. Thank you.