Is Not Participating in Social Media a Liability? A: Lawyers Say YES (so should startups) | Startup Revolution |

Great Neil Ferree Post meant for Lawyers but equally applicable to startups and any online business (and what business isn't an online business now?). Lawyer capitulation is particularly interesting because lawyers worry about content creation's legal implications more than any other business.

For an "inside baseball" lawyer website like this one to explain the importance of content marketing supported by social shares means the costs of NOT participating are so much greater than the liabilities of creating great content marketing supported by social. If "not joining" the movement is so clear to lawyers the same implicaitons should be clear to all.

I work with many healthcare providers and they should read this post too. Anyone with QUALMS or worries about content marketing and social shares should read this post since it explains the prohibitive costs of NOT joining the content and social marketing party already in progress.

Yes the article is a tad technical, but your takeaway should be if LAWYERS are encouraging other LAWYERS to create and support content the last brick in the dam is in place. Any continued denial, obfuscation or non-acceptance of content and social marketing will be expensive (as in you won't be here much longer).

We can discuss the need to be GREAT later, right now let's simply agree Content Marketing and Social PRESENCE are DEMANDED.

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