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LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shares 4 secrets to a killer LinkedIn profile - Phoenix Business Journal

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shares 4 secrets to a killer LinkedIn profile - Phoenix Business Journal | Pitch it! | Scoop.it
LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shares the biggest mistakes he sees LinkedIn users making — and how to correct them.

If you truly want to craft a killer LinkedIn profile, the guy who helped create the world's largest social network for professionals has a few tips.

During a video interview, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shared the biggest missteps he sees users making with their LinkedIn profiles. Read more: click image or title.



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Making your "pitch" on #Linkedin, from the #co-founder.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Pitching LinkedIn to VCs

What I Wish I Knew Before Pitching LinkedIn to VCs | Pitch it! | Scoop.it

At Greylock, my partners and I are driven by one guiding mission: always help entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter whether an entrepreneur is in our portfolio, whether we’re considering an investment, or whether we’re casually meeting for the first time.

Entrepreneurs often ask me for help with their financing decks. Because we value integrity and confidentiality at Greylock, we never share an entrepreneur’s pitch deck with others. What I’ve honorably been able to do, however, is share the deck I used to pitch LinkedIn to Greylock for a Series B investment back in 2004.

This past May was the 10th anniversary of LinkedIn, and while reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that no one gets to see the presentation decks for successful companies. This gave me an idea: I could help many more entrepreneurs by making the deck available not just to the Greylock network of entrepreneurs, but to everyone.

And so today I’ve published LinkedIn’s Series B deck on my personal website. There are three thematic emphases:

  • how entrepreneurs should approach the pitching process
  • the evolution of LinkedIn as a company
  • the consumer internet landscape in 2004 vs. today

To help you figure out what aspects of the pitching process you’d like to understand better, I’ve summarized seven prevalent myths below, which I address more deeply in the full presentation.

MYTH: The startup financing process is about one thing — money.
TRUTH: A successful financing process results in a partnership that delivers benefits beyond just money.

To Read the Full Article, click on the title.

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Marc Kneepkens's curator insight, October 17, 2013 1:43 PM

Great information. Please read the article first, then have a peek at the complete information of the Linkedin pitch to Greylock. Interesting material. Much to learn here.

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How Can Startups Use The Power Of Social Media (Infographic)

How Can Startups Use The Power Of Social Media (Infographic) | Pitch it! | Scoop.it

"Startups face tremendous pressure while competing with their bigger counterparts. They neither have large manpower nor big infrastructure. Social media can become an effective solution in helping them grow. This infographic shows how startups should utilize the power of social media."

The Final Thought

As it has been pointed out in the infographic, startups should make it a point to utilize social media platforms in every legitimate way. Social media does not discriminate between a large business and a startup, and this is the point where startups need to capitalize on. No matter how tough the competition is, only a strong social media presence can provide a startup with a strong foundation.

So make it a point to devote at least an hour every day to manage the social media accounts, and be dedicated to the visitors. Update the content with recent news about your startup, and see your efforts getting the rewards.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/infographics/can-startups-use-power-social-media-infographic-0726604#L2FYoovFhIdsVd2v.99

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Marc Kneepkens's insight:

This infographic definitely makes a point: startups have the tool of social media available to them. It puts them on equal footing with established businesses. Use it.

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