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Broken ideologies break the spirit and the opportunities for all people. They are omnipresent, but can be fixed in one fell swoop.

We are all born into systems created by our ancestors. Systems designed to guide our behavior vis-à-vis others, and to prevent uncontrollable chaos. Courtesy of the paradox of freedom. These systems guide, or attempt to guide, anything from finance to production to trade, and the diverse swath of social interactions within them.

 The ideology of a system

However, the problem with many systems is that they age, run out of applicability, and fail to continue to properly address the needs of a changing society. They become dislodged from their founding ideology, had an improper ideology or worse, were never attached to one.

Try this: ask anybody you know about the top-level ideology of The United States, and the stunned silence or confused answers will astound you. With the hesitation of an employee not being able to convey the business model of the company he works for. A bad sign, that will define his and everyone else’s contribution.

Without a good understanding of what ideology these systems support, why they exists, or how they must change to meet the needs of change, they have been feverishly copied around the world, and made pervasive and undeniable.

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