What It Costs to Run A Startup Broken Down by City | Pitch it! | Scoop.it
Staff.com’s infographic compares the cost of running a startup (getting an office and hiring two web developers and one designer) in various cities around the world.

From highest to lowest costs, these are how the eight cities selected ranked, based on annual costs to run a startup: Zurich, Switzerland; Sydney, Australia; New York; San Francisco; London; Paris; Mumbai,India; and Manila, Philippines.

The cost to run a startup in the US is about $297k in NY and $263k in SF per year.
The most expensive places to run a startup are Zurich at $315k and Sydney at $310k per year.
Web designer average salary is $79k in SF and in NY $76k at a startup.  
The cost of a web developer is $88k in NY and $81k in SF per year at a startup.
Startup office cost in the US: $46k in NY and $22k in SF per year.

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