Why co-founders are the secret to start-up success: DesignCrowd founder Alec Lynch | Pitch it! | Scoop.it

DesignCrowd founder and chief executive Alec Lynch on the pros and cons of having co-founders, how many is ideal and where you find them.

So, you have a million-dollar business idea, but haven’t started working on it. You might be wondering: “do I need a co-founder?”

Most successful start-ups or tech businesses have multiple founders. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Groupon, Uber, Square, Instagram, to name a few.

But does it make sense for you?

For some businesses, having co-founders occurs organically. You discuss a business idea with a friend or group of people and start working on it together.

However, in many cases, bringing on a co-founder (or co-founders) will be a conscious decision.

In this article, I will look at six questions that will help you determine if getting a co-founder is right for you and, if so, what to look for in a co-founder.

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