How To Tell A Story—Right Now—From A Master Of Improv | Speculations and Trends |

What we say matters a great deal, but so does what we don’t say. There are times when you just can’t afford to clam up when called upon to contribute.


I love that this article is approaching storytelling skills from the field of improv -- because we receive a couple of good (maybe new) insights.


Like "whatever makes a memory a memory makes it interesting" and "know when to hold back."


Many of these are good common sense rules that can often be forgotten. And I just like that even though when you read closely, a lot of this material sounds familiar, the voice from the improv world makes me think about some of these tips in different ways. That is always a good thing!


Oh, and BTW  -- it is hard to find good articles on story TELLING skills. There is always tons of stuff on story structure and story crafting. But live storytelling skills -- not so much. Another reason I doubly appreciate this article!

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