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Curated by Pedro Barbosa
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Rescooped by Pedro Barbosa from sustainable architecture

Flexible and Highly Original Eco-Resort in Portugal

Flexible and Highly Original Eco-Resort in Portugal | Speculations and Trends | Scoop.it

Luis Rebelo de Andrade in collaboration with Diogo Aguiar completed the design for seven cozy accommodation units presently known as the “Eco-Resort” and located in Parque de Pedras Salgadas, Portugal.


The original resort was especially envisioned as a serene place for guests to get away and experience nature in its purest form: “Designed in a modular prefabrication system but flexible to adapt to the specific places within the park, these houses result in several different combinations of the same three modules (entrance/bathing – living – sleeping) creating different morphologies and different dialogs with the surrounding environment“.

The interiors of the resort are highly modern and pay tribute to the minimalist style. In other words, functionality is a key factor in the design, although the architecture also ranks high in aesthetics...

Via Lauren Moss
Pedro Barbosa's insight:

Eco resorts, one subtrend of the major "sustainability on our houses and living" trend.


Pedro Barbosa www.pbarbosa.com | www.harvardtrends.com

António Rocha Graça's curator insight, May 6, 2013 7:58 PM

In the lovely wooden landscapes of Northern Portugal, an Eco-Resort will get you to a lush, cool and upscale holiday

Concierge Etc.'s curator insight, July 25, 2013 11:34 AM

really lovely!

Rescooped by Pedro Barbosa from sustainable architecture

Meme Meadows Experimental House by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Meme Meadows Experimental House by Kengo Kuma and Associates | Speculations and Trends | Scoop.it

This translucent cabin by architects Kengo Kuma and Associates is an experimental house in Hokkaidō, Japan, designed to test the limits of architecture in cold climates.

Kengo Kuma and Associates were inspired by the traditional architecture of the indigenous Ainu, whose "Chise" style buildings clad with sedge or bamboo grass hold in the warmth of a central fireplace that is never allowed to burn out.

"The fundamental idea of Chise, 'house of the earth,' is to keep warming up the ground this way and retrieve the radiation heat generated from it," say the architects. The Experimental House was constructed around a coated larch frame and it has a thick layer of polyester insulation sandwiched between the polycarbonate cladding of the exterior and the glass-fibre fabric of the interior. This insulation was made using recycled plastic bottles and it allows light to pass into the house through the walls.

As the first experimental house completed for the Meme Meadows research facility, the building will be used by the environmental technology institute to test how different factors affect the thermal qualities of its construction.

Via Lauren Moss
Pedro Barbosa's insight:

There is a new group of trendsetters uniting architects, designers, tech guys and just curious-all-of us, creating new mashups that can turn into future trends some day


Pedro Barbosa | www.pbarbosa.com | www.harvardtrends.com

Alaskan EcoEscape Permaculture's curator insight, October 24, 2013 1:39 PM

Interesting green build????  It's certainly not a natural build though.