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Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi | Soup for thought |
These are some of the best places we would love to have free, competent WiFi access.

malek's insight:

It's worth reading.

Andreas Christodoulou's curator insight, March 21, 7:59 AM

I posted this a few years back.

Tristen Sum's curator insight, March 21, 9:47 AM
I agree that it would be a bug convenience if WiFi are implemented at those places.This allows people to surf the internet,play games,do their work,research and many more.Those that will benefit from this the most are students and working adults.Students can do their homework or look up on topic related to their education.Adults can look up on business inquries or finish up work that they were not able to finish in their workplace.Although it has its pros,it also has its cons as it will result in more time spent on electronic devices,which can cause people to damage their eyesight or be exposed to the radiation emitted from the device.In the future,this type of installments will defintely be implemented at different places as internet is what most at all times.As such,the government might take action and put WiFi in many places due to demand from the citizens. 
Educational Peaks's curator insight, March 22, 2:16 AM

I posted this a few years back.

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