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16 Day Weight Loss Program

16 Day Weight Loss Program | Soup for thought |
Lose weight and you will gain tons of benefits. Taking off just 10% of your body weight can have a huge impact on your health.

Russell R. Roberts, Jr.'s curator insight, March 21, 1:05 AM
Excellent article on how you can improve your health and lead a better life just be changing what you eat.  Many of our fellow citizens are bordering on obesity--something that can damage your heart, lungs, and immune system.  The plan offered in this article is doable with a little self-discipline.  The rule is simple: burn more calories than you consume.  I find a daily walk of 3 to 5 miles helpful in controlling my weight.  I've also removed red meat from my diet and increased the amount of vegetables, fruit, and nuts in my eating routine.  Another factor in controlling your weight is smoking cessation--tobacco use can really damage your lungs.  Of course, your mileage may vary.  Aloha, Russ.
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