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Would you bet against sex robots? AI 'could leave half of world unemployed'

Would you bet against sex robots? AI 'could leave half of world unemployed' | Soup for thought |
Computer scientist Moshe Vardi tells colleagues that change could come within 30 years, raising the question: ‘What will humans do?’

malek's insight:

AI is our existential threat?

Dorothy Retha Cook's curator insight, February 15, 8:40 AM

I wonder if it will.give great conversation for the act of forication or adultery as human with robot sex hasn't come up yet not full body robot any how. Could this be just another step in the elimination process. I didn't cheat with another human just a robot how will that even be decided? The thought come to mind how before why? Just saying robots doing human work in certain industries already will they also be doing work in the bedrooms doing sexual things in the years to come? If so would that bring issues that answers just want come easy for certain aspects but just I'd what is for others. Will the field of prostitution become robot. Pimps and hoes doing tricks and getting paid instead of humans. What will they have for sale and who will be purchasing it and how much will it cost and will it be tax free as robots are not born but created and have no social security numbers or will they? 

malek's comment, February 16, 7:51 PM
@Dorothy Retha Cook, the post is about robots taking on the jobs of humans, it's a real existential threat
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