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Russia 'would win a war against Europe and America'

Russia 'would win a war against Europe and America' | Soup for thought |
Russian forces could reach the outskirts of the Baltic capitals in less than 60 hours because Nato lacks the forces to defend its eastern-most members, new analysis has shown.

According to several war games scenarios conducted by a US think-tank, it would take between 36 and 60 hours for Russian battalions to occupy the Estonian and Latvian capitals of Tallinn and Riga.

malek's insight:

Nato would have to increase its deterrent force in the region.

THE *OFFICIAL ANDREASCY*'s curator insight, February 4, 3:11 PM

And it would be very quick

Andreas Christodoulou's curator insight, February 4, 3:14 PM

Russia is insanely powerful.

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