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Rape culture at university needs urgent action

Rape culture at university needs urgent action | Soup for thought |
My first term at university was a scary introduction into a world of harassment and sexual aggression
malek's insight:

It's not just about Oxbridge, It's about t all universities where the rape culture became the norm. Not showing enough respect for the other sex won't make you feel better.

Jacob Toupin's curator insight, September 22, 2014 12:18 AM

Rape Culture Within Colleges


This article shines a light on rape culture within colleges and universities and the dangers women face daily.


There are two pertinent themes: societal norms and consent.


This article describes the personal stories of women who were sexually assaulted during their first week at university, displaying how dangerous it is for women at colleges from spiked drinks to not being able to say no and leave. The author also tackles the assumption that alcohol makes women more willing to have sex rather than makes them incapable of either saying no or physically escaping the situation.


The biggest thorn I encountered was the idea of "success rates" at fraternity mixers, implying that non-consent is equivalent to success in the male mind.


My question is: What have colleges and universities done to combat rape culture?



malek's comment, September 22, 2014 6:45 AM
interesting to have a special topic, and a great insight. Keep up the good job
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