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Nude Model Joins Surprised Sleepy Morning Commuters

Nude Model Joins Surprised Sleepy Morning Commuters | Soup for thought |

A model decided to surprise her fellow commuters by joining their trek to work completely in the nude.

The brunette woman only wore her glasses and shoes for the journey, and, in place of her clothes, she decided to brazenly place words describing the pieces of attire that they would expect to see on her skin.

malek's insight:

This entire ordeal is part of a project by Milo Moire, the Swiss artist.

It is entitled, The Script System, and has been designed to shake up the “ordinary.” Moire remarked that the models’ walk around the vehicle in the nude was supposed to make people think outside the box on their daily commute to work.

How would you react to seeing a nude model on your morning commute?
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