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Sylvia Kristel, Star of "Emmanuelle" Dead

Sylvia Kristel, Star of  "Emmanuelle" Dead | Soup for thought |

'Emmanuelle’  was the new dawn of softcore porn.,

It elevated adult cinema from dirty-raincoat depravity – only to propel its young star firmly downhill...

Sylvia,21 when she landed the part in Emmanuelle With its simulated sex scenes shot largely in soft focus,  and a sentimental pop score, the film became an avatar of soft-core pornography.

In fact, she wasn’t even the most beautiful actress in Emmanuelle, but brought to the role a hint of sweetness and vulnerability while delivering what could almost be called a performance. For an hour and a half, she frolicked amid palm fronds, diaphanous drapes, wicker furniture, dreamy Far Eastern sunsets and wandering wildlife on a voyage of sexual discovery, encouraged by her voyeuristic husband.

According to AVN, ”Emmanuelle” is said to have earned more than $100 million

In her 2006 autobiography, “Undressing Emmanuelle,” she wrote that she was “disappointed and a little hurt” that her more serious work went unappreciated. “I was dressed but people preferred me naked,” she wrote.

Sylvia Kristel passed away at age of 60.

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