Bust lock-down: Bra only unhooks for love, true love | Soup for thought | Scoop.it

A high-tech bra with a built-in heart rate sensor will only release upon detecting some serious love vibes. 


Japanese lingerie company Ravijour doesn't want its customers to settle for anything less than true love. That's why it developed the True Love Tester, a bra with a mission to keep its contents contained until the wearer is really head over heels. Ravijour calls it "a revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel." A promotional video implies the brassiere could help save women from one-night stands with less-than-savory men.


The bra contains a heart-rate sensor and sends the data it collects, via Bluetooth, to an app for analysis. The app calculates what the designers call the "true love rate," comparing the readings to activities like shopping, watching a horror movie, flirting, jogging, or receiving a surprise gift.

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