TruTV Syncs Social Chatter With TV Everywhere | SocialTVNews |

Turner Broadcasting System’s truTV is bringing the social conversation to TV Everywhere, with a new feature that synchronizes select Facebook and Twitter comments about its shows with episode playback on its website.


With the “Social Playback” feature, the network's website will capture the “most entertaining” comments about episodes and synchronize them with the episode's time code. The site then displays the archived "live" conversation during online viewing of full episodes, which are available only to subscribers of participating TV Everywhere affiliates.


TruTV will make the new Social Playback conversation-streaming function available for seven series that have been airing since June, with plans to expand it to the network’s full lineup of original series. The network also plans to incorporate Social Playback within the truTV 2Go mobile app in 2013.


The network is using the social-curation platform developed by startup Tomorrowish, which uses rules-based filtering of posts and a proprietary scoring system to collect and stream the best and most relevant posts. The tool also merges East and West Coast comments into a single, synchronized stream.


Current truTV series that have been integrated with Social Playback are: Hardcore Pawn, Impractical Jokers, Lizard Lick Towing, Operation Repo, World's Dumbest, South Beach Tow and Bait Car. The network will add the feature for Full Throttle Saloon and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura when those their new seasons begin.


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