Multiple Screens, Streaming Media Boost TV Ad Recall 48% - MediaBuyerPlanner | SocialTVNews |

Fully 49% of mobile device owners use web-enabled phones while watching TV, reports eMarketer.


This is becoming an oft-told tale. NBCUniversal knows this, which is why it has partnered with Google and comScore to measure cross-media viewership surrounding the 2012 London Olympics. Their objective is to identify single-source consumption—which viewers are watching on iPads and TV simultaneously, for a more precise viewership.


Necessarily, brands are reevaluating their multichannel ad buys, aiming for the maximum reach, but multiple digital devices have burst on scene, both driving traffic to and robbing it from traditional media like TV and print. As eMarketer analyst Lauren Fisher wrote in the company’s new report, “Multichannel Marketing: Making the Most of Multiple Screens,” “[Multitasking] has become a common way for people to cram more media minutes into the day…multichannel marketers are finding reach alone is no longer as effective. To compete for consumers’ time and divided attention, brands must also find ways to better resonate with their audiences.”


Data from a survey by Yahoo! and ad agency Razorfish revealed that consumers leave the TV on, but 66% of US mobile device owners multitask on laptops or PCs on a daily basis. That in addition to the 49% who used their web-enabled mobile phone daily when watching TV.

Via Jim Kordoba