Social TV: Why It's the Next Big Thing... Will You Be Able to Play Along With Your Favorite Shows? | SocialTVNews |

The television industry today is at the beginning of a major transformation that will dramatically change the way people watch television, similar to what we saw happen with the development of interactivity on mobile phones in 2008. In the three years that followed, more than 200M iPhones downloaded 15B apps, and the way people used their phones was forever changed.


This new transformation in television is known as Social TV and it brings together television, the best audience maker; with the Internet, the best social and frictionless monetization tool. As a result of this combination, we will see the growth of a new multi-billion dollar Social TV market over the next several years. And within the next 18 months, it's highly likely that most game shows, sports broadcasts, and reality TV shows will offer some type of play along experience.


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