iDiscovery TV Announces Daniel Matalon as Host of Breaking it Down | SocialTVNews |

iDiscovery Media today announced the green lighting of a bold new show for its forthcoming launch of its Social TV Network, iDiscovery TV.
The interview show, Breaking It Down, will feature a wide range of activists, educators, artists and thought leaders for an innovative series of profiles that combine traditional profiles with moderated audience discussion. Both the interviews and the audience discussions for each topic will combine in a hybrid format for a full episode. The initial order calls for 40 episodes, 8 of which will be in place for the premier launch of iDiscovery TV with additional segments available to the pre launch subscriber base.


iDiscovery TV is investing a lot of its initial resources on Breaking It Down as a signature network show and is tapping Daniel Matalon to host and produce the series. Mr. Matalon is an Executive Producer for the network and provides similar duties for eMarketing TV, which was announced in December 2011, and is currently in pre production.


Said Alan McElroy, Founder and President of iDiscovery :
“Daniel’s original approach to us in pitching a new style of interview show caught our attention for both its intellectual ambition and its innovative approach to audience involvement. It perfectly fit our notions of a social TV experience while also flexing our journalistic credentials at the same time. I cannot think of a more expressive signature show for our network launch than Breaking It Down.”
McElroy was also enthusiastic about Breaking It Down’s format capitalizing on the use of telepresence technology.


Said McElroy:
“We have put a lot of resources into perfecting telepresence for broadcast quality and this will allow Breaking It Down to open its topics to a worldwide guest list, and with it, a worldwide audience. By being able to film guest interview footage on a broadband connection, we will be able to rapidly develop a global guest list without requiring studio time and satellite link ups.”