Giuseppe Mauriello: If you are searching a plugin to use for your WordPress site as your content hub to curate and create content, and to see full integration with Twitter, you will appreciate immediately the value in Dashter immediately.


It’s a WordPress plugin – so it installs and runs directly inside your administrative dashboard. Your website instantly transforms from a website to a powerful command center for your social media activities.


Dashter is a combination of several powerful social media tools in one. It helps you about:


1) LISTEN to real-time conversations and tweets on Twitter, with an ear towards listening for topics & conversations that are related to the content you post on your website. Filter out the noise and use Dashter’s listening tools to discover tweets that matter to you.


- You can control your entire Twitter account from within your WordPress dashboard;

- View trends in your social circles, use your content as a springboard for searches, and stay connected with your lists;

- Reply, ReTweet, Quote, Favorite, and all your favorite Twitter actions are available throughout your blog. Listen in on any search, list, or hashtag – or just explore.

- Unlimited listening posts in the stream.


2) CURATE with Dashter with exclusive in-line content curation platform is the state-of-the-art in collecting, organizing, and creating fresh content on your site from existing tweets. And unlike 3rd party “curation” tools – the content originates from your website. Add context & build original articles in minutes.


- Every tweet you read inside Dashter includes a Curate option, so you can curate anything that inspires you.

- Curating tweets with Dashter lets you include Tweets in any post you designate. You can start a post and then seek out inspiring or relevant tweets to include, or you can find a tweet first and start a post from there. The choice is yours.

- When you curate a tweet using Dashter, not only is the tweet content pulled in to your post, but we also import the people who were included.

- Dashter will automatically import any #hashtags from the tweets you curate as WordPress tags.

- Curated Tweets can be embedded using our basic formatting, the Twitter Embed method, or using the popular Blackbird Pie plugin.

- Unlike other curation tools on the market, Dashter focuses on driving traffic back to your website.


3) CULTIVATE social relationships on Twitter with far greater depth and precision than ever before.

- Targeted interaction;

- Dashter shows you not only the latest connections but the most substantial ones – giving you insight and intelligence ahead of any social engagement.

- You can truly custom-tune your engagement to everyone you care about. Build passionate and powerful communities around you and your website.

- Interests lie at the intersection of your social engagement and the tags you use on your website – allowing you to flag articles and site content for individuals who you think will care most about them.


4) AMPLIFY your site’s social reach.

When it comes time to share your content with the web – Dashter is ready to help you amplify your message to reach your target audience better than ever before. Dashter includes a built-in social scheduler to help ensure the broadest reach possible.


Pricing: License $65.00 one time, on 1 domain / website. It includes:

*Feature-Rich Twitter Client
*Built-In Social Scheduler
*Advanced Profile Views and Interests Management
*In-Line Curation & Curation Projects
*Post-By-Post Listening in the Social Stream



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Via Giuseppe Mauriello