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30 Quick Editing Tips Every Content Creator Needs to Know | Copyblogger

30 Quick Editing Tips Every Content Creator Needs to Know | Copyblogger | SocialMediaSharing |

Excerpted from article on Copyblogger:
"While keeping diligent focus on your content production, you must also review your past choices, looking for ways to allow more readers to engage with your writing.
In other words you may need to think more like an editor.

Here are 30 editing tips that will help you become a more effective editor-in-chief of the content you create.

***Fall in love with your website:
1. Forget “like.”
2. Sit down; stay awhile.
3. Turn the spotlight outward.
4. Highlight a reason to subscribe.
5. Have discerning taste.
6. Break the rules for a good cause.
7. Don’t call it Google Minus.
8. Check your WordPress before you wreck your WordPress.
9. Tell them what you want.
10. Say no to “yes men.”

***Vamp up your editorial strategy:
11. Water the plant.
12. Prepare; don’t plan.
13. Take yourself out of the equation.
14. Research what’s hot.
15. Seduce your audience.
16. Diversify your topics.
17. Look in nooks and crannies.
18. Tighten up.
19. Walk the line.
20. Log out and mute.

***Make your words irresistible:
21. Try the Fat Ass Fudge diet.
22. Divide and conquer.
23. Use concise language.
24. Outline major points.
25. Write one compelling line.
26. Learn language rules.
27. Avoid word choice mistakes.
28. Examine each letter.
29. Leave time.
30. Regard everything as practice.

Drafts aren’t only rough versions of documents and manuscripts. Most creations are ongoing works in progress..."

Each tip is analyzed with more information and with many external links to explain better the tips.
Read full original article here:


Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Michael Q Todd's insight:

Wow great tips

Margaret Doyle's curator insight, May 31, 2013 3:45 PM

Some good reminders and a little kick in the you know what on copy/content creation. 

Víctor V. Valera Jiménez's curator insight, June 2, 2013 8:34 PM

Excelente artículo de Stefanie Flaxman en Copyblogger en que nos da 30 consejos de edición que todo creador de contenidos necesita saber, agrupándolos en 3 grupos:


1.- Enamórate de tu página web.

2.- "Vampiriza" tu estrategia editorial.

3.- Haz tu palabra irresistible.


Y es que, en definitiva, ¡tu controlas tu proyecto!

malika bourne's comment, September 13, 2013 8:53 PM
I just had to look 3 times at "Try Fat Ass Diet Book". Got my attention.
Scooped by Michael Q Todd!

7 Social Design Principles: How to Make Content People Want to Share

7 Social Design Principles: How to Make Content People Want to Share | SocialMediaSharing |
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Michael Q Todd's insight:

Make shareable stuff

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