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Robin Good: If you are looking at content curation from the perspective of a large company, you may want to read this article from Josh Sternberg on Digiday, which provides some valuable recommendations.


Here a few highlights I have extracted from the article: 


"Curation is the vogue digital term for the ability to not only aggregate and distribute carefully selected information, but also to provide a unique voice on top of the original pieces of information.




“The best way to do it is to identify a high-interest topic that you want to be perceived as an expert in,”...


“Curate that topic and provide some context around it.


If you’re curating a lot of content in a topic area, over time that leads to expertise and credibility.




**There can’t be articles that make the reader question why a brand is sharing it.


**Also, brands need to make sure they’re not just regurgitating content, but instead offering readers/followers valuable information, as readers will quickly determine the curated content — and thus the brand — is not worth their time."


Rightful. 7/10


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