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26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community | Social Media Examiner

26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community | Social Media Examiner | SocialMediaDesign |

You're a community manager, or you want learn to be more effective in your presence in social media, this blog will give you many ideas on this subject. As usual Social Media Examiner provide us an interesting and very useful content. Go ahead and share it too. [note Martin Gysler]


Social media community management: Follow these tips to learn how to exercise good social etiquette and manage your social networking communities.


Do you wonder how to go about exercising good social etiquette and managing your social networking communities, all at the same time?

Social media community management has expanded into a growing field and there’s a lot to think about.

In this post, I’ll cover 26 tips, an A-Z guide, on ways to manage your company‘s presence.


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Via Martin Gysler, Anne Thomas , THE *OFFICIAL ANDREASCY*
DelaneyKMedia's comment, February 7, 2013 12:50 AM
Great resource for those of us interested in digital marketing and social media! Thanks for sharing!
Martin Gysler's comment, February 7, 2013 3:55 AM
I'm glad you like it ;-)
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Tweeting for Your Success

Tweeting for Your Success | SocialMediaDesign |
Why is Twitter key to your success?With more than 140 million active users (over 60% of whom are mobile users), 400 million Tweets sent per day, and over 400 million monthly unique visitors to

Via Martin Gysler, Gerrit Bes, Mick Say, Zbynek Kysela ✔, Dona Chakraborty, Mary Dantes
Martin Gysler's comment, December 30, 2012 6:35 PM
Is amen an idea... ;-)
Mercor's curator insight, January 2, 2013 5:01 AM

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Catherine Luense's curator insight, January 25, 2013 6:16 AM

A must read!

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How Startups Can Gain Visability and Reputation by Curating Great Content

How Startups Can Gain Visability and Reputation by Curating Great Content | SocialMediaDesign |

I selected this wonderful piece by Michael J. Fern of Intigi because it reinforces the importance of curation and has a lot of great insights.


In this article the author refers to Robert Scoble,who has built an enormous following on several social networks by curating and sharing the latest news about technology and startups.


He says that just like Scobleizer, startups should use curation to catapult their online presence and influence.


**Curation is a useful approach for all companies but especially for startups:


Here's what especially caught my attention:


**Thought Leadership


If outsiders view your company as a key source of  industry informataion, you will quickly build your brand recognition as well as develop trust and goodwill among customers.


**Hub of Information


By being first to market as a content curator in your space and by hosting curated content on your website, you can quickly rise as a primary destination site for those interested in your industry.




By creating a bundle of articles, images, videos or websites that relate to a specific them and keeping it updated, this “guide” can become an important resource for social media marketers.


**Content with Commentary


Using 3rd party articles and adding your own point of view you can build a dedicated following. He refers to Daring Fireball, a blog that has built an impressive loyal following of 30,000


One Takeaway: 


**Successful curators often employ several of these approaches in addition to producing their own original content


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Feel free to visit our fanpage - Curatti launching soon - everything you ever wanted to know about content curation -


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Via janlgordon
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You Are What You Curate: Why Pinterest is So Hot

You Are What You Curate: Why Pinterest is So Hot | SocialMediaDesign |

This piece was written by Om Malik for Gigaom


The author says "Pinterest is one of the hottest startups around these days and represents the latest buzzword in the Valley: curation".


Here's what you need to know:


2012 will likely see an acceleration of structured, push button, social curation across the web. Why? Because most users don’t want to take much effort to produce content, and consuming content in a structured manner (especially photos) is also much faster.


**Just as the first wave of social media has transformed the consumption of information,


**this next wave of social curation will fundamentally change how users find and interact with content over time.


My commentary:


 As a business person, I see tremendous value in Pinterest because as the title of this article suggests, what we post online tells a story about who we are, what we represent and shows a human side through our curated topics. This allows others who may be potential customers to find points of connection which is a great way to start a relationship. It also gives me a chance to listen by observation to what my audience wants at a deeper level. This is a great starting place and can lead to many opportunities that lie ahead.




**platforms — YouTube, WordPress and Tumblr — have had more success, thanks to faster, cheaper broadband connections. Twitter and Facebook are the big winners of this sharing.


**Are thinking about building a product, evaluating a company or just wondering why early adopters are so crazy about Pinterest, or Quora?   


**we’re playing a role in a movie: edited, directed and starring us.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
Tom George's comment, January 12, 2012 6:36 AM
Nice one Jan, and nice topic by the way.
Mariusz Leś's comment, January 20, 2012 8:55 AM
I really don't know why Pinterest is so "hot". I use Fancy ( instead (it has an android app, that's why, nothing else).
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Social Media A to Z Series: N is for Networks ~ 40+ Social Networks To Consider

Social Media A to Z Series: N is for Networks ~ 40+ Social Networks To Consider | SocialMediaDesign |

I have noticed that when the topic of social network is raised, it usually turns to a discussion of Facebook. Granted it is the biggest player on the planet however it is not the only one.


Ok, at some point in the discussion it may get to Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter (which by the way is a microblog not a network but it is so widely used it surfaces regardless of what topic is being discussed). The reality is, although these are the “Big Four”, there are so many to choose from and depending on “your fancy” or strategy you may want to develop a presence at other networks as a starting point.


Now that I have planted this seed in your thinking, where do you start? There are so many out there – really. So whatever your passion, go and find your network. If it doesn’t exist, hey create one!

Via Martin Gysler
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26 Essentials for Blogging Success: What You Need to Know

26 Essentials for Blogging Success: What You Need to Know | SocialMediaDesign |

Do you want to be a more successful blogger?


Are you keeping up with the newest developments in blogging?


Whether you are new to blogging or you have been blogging for years, you will find insight in this article.


It covers 26 blogging essentials, in an A–Z tour of the blogosphere.

Each one has a full explanation, along with a link to further reading in case you want to know more.


Note: For simplicity’s sake, I assume you’re using WordPress as your blogging platform. Many of these essentials, though, apply to other blogging platforms as well.

Via Martin Gysler, Jesus Alvarez desde
Martin Gysler's curator insight, January 3, 2013 10:15 AM

Wow a great post on blogs. With these 26 points, you know everything that is useful to be a great blogger. I'll keep it in the mind during 2013.

Sensitive Evolution's comment, January 7, 2013 2:55 PM
The technical side of blogging can be very demanding, so the plugins really help. In addition to great content and SEO, I think you need an outreach/networking program.
Martin Gysler's comment, January 7, 2013 4:35 PM
Yes indeed, this is an interesting point, thanks.
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To Succeed in Sales, Suspend Your Self-Interest

To Succeed in Sales, Suspend Your Self-Interest | SocialMediaDesign |

Finally this article says what everyone should know about sale, but it's also valid both in the social media world and, of course, in the real life. Be a person who gives is always the best path to receive more in return, even if you do not expect that and it's not your goal. [note Martin Gysler]



Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver, says high-pressure sales are the wrong way to go.


To many people, sales is a shady profession, predicated on shark-like closing techniques, manipulation, and shallow, transactional relationships. Bob Burg says that’s exactly the wrong approach. “Top salespeople, the best of the best, understand that when it comes to selling, it isn’t about them or their product or service. It’s about the other person and how they benefit from it,” he says. Burg, co-author (with John David Mann) of the bestselling The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea and their follow-up Go-Givers Sell More, admits his emphasis on the other person “sounds Pollyanna-ish.” But he’s convinced that a low-pressure – even no-pressure – approach will ultimately result in far more sales (not to mention greater career satisfaction for its practitioners).


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Via Martin Gysler
Nuava Solutions's curator insight, December 19, 2012 10:47 AM

For more information on Online Solutions, please visit our website or contact us.

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40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools

40 Social Media Curation Sites and Tools | SocialMediaDesign |

Last month I shared 40+ networks that you could consider depending on your niche or interests. As part of my commitment to this community, I shared that I will expand on this list througout 2012. So here is the first addition to that build! The topic- Curation!I thought I would focus on curation because a) I have a favorite site and b) there has been a lot of “press” on Pinterest as a curation tool and as a result I thought the timing was right. However before I list the sites lets talk curation.


What is social media curation?


Today, with the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, it can be overwhelming searching for information on the internet. As a result, the act of filtering, selecting, reviewing and providing commentary with a perspective on an article, or collection of articles, have become increasingly important. This is known as social media curation. Recently, I had posed the question : What is a social media curator” on Linkedin.


Read more:

Via Shirley Williams (, Martin Gysler
Shirley Williams ('s comment, January 22, 2012 9:26 AM
Thanks Everyone for this feedback. Just wonderful.

Robin- absolutely appreciated the feedback. I did visit all the sites to ensure that they were still in operation however missed some very important details. So thank you so much for providing the clarification needed. :))
Carey Leahy's comment, January 22, 2012 6:56 PM
Martin you need to do a little of what the article says - add your own perspective! I read the info and thought you had written it until I went to the link.
Martin Gysler's comment, January 23, 2012 3:05 AM
Hi Carey, I consider as a tool to provide interesting information and not really as a curation tool, but, maybe you're right and I should reconsider my opinion about my approach! Thank you for your feedback.
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Twitter 101: 55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter

Twitter 101: 55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | SocialMediaDesign |

Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

For some reason you just can’t seem to get the engagement you are seeking, desiring and yearning for in social media and Twitter.


You may be new to Twitter and simply don’t know what the heck you are doing, how to get a retweet or why the retweets even matter. This post won’t teach you what Twitter is but provides good tips for tweetable content which you need regardless if you know what you’re doing or not (joking).


Or you may be a Twitter and social media veteran who just wants to boost your ego, increase your Klout score or simply show off for Grandpa this weekend how popular you are on the social waves?...

Via Martin Gysler
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