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5 Secret & Highly Disruptive Internet Marketing Tactics For 2014 via ScentTrail Marketing

5 Secret & Highly Disruptive Internet Marketing Tactics For 2014 via ScentTrail Marketing | SocialMediaDesign |

5 Internet Marketing Secrets
Some of these 2014 "secrets" such as ecommerce and social media may not feel very secret, but there is still plenty of "blue ocean" in them still. Ecommerce creates great content marketing support for less and less effort (to create the story) so every website should have a store now even if all they sell is their logo merchandise.


5 Secret IM Tactics For 2014
* Crowdfunding.

* Content Widgets. 
* Mobile First. 

* Ecommerce. 
* Social Media. 

Social media is ubiquitous but not embraced. Our recent Ecommies Study of social media for top online retailers ( ) proved many have social media accounts but few are "social businesses".

5 Secrets Blog Post on ScentTrail Marketing

5 Secrets Haiku Deck

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Ken Morrison's comment, December 16, 2013 12:23 AM
Good luck on your 5th Business
malek's curator insight, December 16, 2013 7:09 AM

Interesting is the notion of crowdfunding as a new marketing channel

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Virtual workforce management to become HR priority

Virtual workforce management to become HR priority | SocialMediaDesign |
Over the next three years virtual workforce management will become an increasingly important priority for HR professionals, according to a new study.

Via HR Tech Europe, Rim Riahi, David Hain, HR Trend Institute, Fred Zimny
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Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic]

Social Media Is The Next Web - Brian Solis [more and more graphic] | SocialMediaDesign |
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Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 9, 2012 3:42 AM

More And More People Connected To The Web For Longer Amounts of Time is a pretty great graphic and summary of our most Internet marketing future. This excellent article from trusted source Brian Solis implies the death of things such as:

* The static web (everything moves all the time now).

* The lecture web (all content is conversation now).

* The textual web (visuals, visuals and visuals rule).

* The one size fits all web (mobile, social and local now).

* The work web (web worming into all hours now).


The web's working its way into everything from our refrigerator telling us it is time for service to our Social, Local and Mobile dreams and desires is the ubiquitous web, the infinite waterfall web, the web whose presence is taken for granted and ever-present. 

In a way we will know we've succeeded as Internet marketers when the word "Internet' is no longer part of our job description. When we return to being "marketers" again because Internet is understood we've safely arrived at our destination - The Next Web.  


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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

12 Principles Of Mobile Learning | SocialMediaDesign |

12 Principles Of Mobile Learning...Another from TeachThought, which is becoming a real go-to site for direct ideas.  This one is one mobile learning, and what learning looks like and what if can afford.


Design Driver:  Users, Devices, Learning, Ecology

Via GBS Digital Learning Pilot, Carla Arena, Mark Pegrum
MimicDotOrg's curator insight, July 19, 2013 8:28 PM

Mobile technology will totally change education in the 21st Century.


Pierre GESLiN's curator insight, January 7, 2:46 PM

Learning on the move!


Jimena Acebes Sevilla's curator insight, February 2, 3:06 PM

12 Principios para tomar en cuenta sobre m-learning.

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Mobile Marketing: Many Doing It; Few Doing It Well

Mobile Marketing: Many Doing It; Few Doing It Well | SocialMediaDesign |

Mobile Marketing: Many Doing It; Few Doing It Well.

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, January 23, 2013 1:36 PM

The opening paragraph says it all: lol

"Mobile marketing is like sex: nearly everyone is doing it, many want to do it even more, but no one feels they’re doing it particularly well. "

Pedro Barbosa's curator insight, January 24, 2013 1:00 AM

Pedro Barbosa | |

Patricia Valerio's comment, January 24, 2013 4:47 AM
Good scoop!
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Social Media Practices to Expect in 2013

Social Media Practices to Expect in 2013 | SocialMediaDesign |

Social media has rapidly become an important part of many peoples’ lives, not just as a way to keep up with friends and family, but also for professional networks, exploring fields of research, shopping, sharing content and fostering online communities.

It has also become a crucial aspect of a businesses’ online presence- now a firm can connect with consumers and tailor their online relationships with customers, other brands, and with employees.
Predicting quite what is going to happen in this ever changing digital landscape isn’t easy, but it’s certainly worth noting some of the rising trends and having a look ahead to 2013.

Learn more about these trends, including social marketing, content development, branding, video + media applications, social tv, and the growing influence of mobile devices in social media...

Via Lauren Moss, Brian Yanish -, Martin (Marty) Smith
Eliza Steely's comment, December 13, 2012 9:57 AM
I love that point Martin! I think people call it social because of the personal element to it as opposed to advertising and things like that, especially because it's so interactive in nature. Do you have a suggestion as to what to change the name to?
ThePinkSalmon's comment, December 13, 2012 8:44 PM
Very good indeed!
donhornsby's curator insight, December 14, 2012 3:23 AM

(From the article): "The coming year will see a massive increase in companies using social media services to market their goods and services, recognising the potential for sharing content and information and enhancing engagement with target audiences."

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10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013 Is Your Business Ready?

10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013 Is Your Business Ready? | SocialMediaDesign |

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Via janlgordon
janlgordon's curator insight, December 4, 2012 12:52 PM

This piece from Trendwatching contains some very valuable information about the future of business and how you can stay relevant by staying informed.

Here are some of the highlights that caught my attention:

Mega-trend of transparency in 2013?

**Brands  must move from 'having nothing to hide' to pro-actively showing and proving they have nothing to hide.

**The perfect storm of consumers' ever-greater lust for NEWISM and niches, the expectation of (instantly!) getting jut the right product, ongoing eco-concerns and the desire for more interesting stories will all combine with the spread of new local manufacturing technologies such as:

  *3D-printing and make-on-demand, to trigger a resurgence in

    domestic manufacturing in established markets in 2013

Mobile Moments

**in 2013, consumers will look to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment, multi-if-not-hypertasking their experiences, purchases and communications...

Eco Trend for 2013

**Rather than being discarded or even recycled (by someone else), these products can be given back to nature to grow something new, with all the eco-status and eco-stories

Selected by Jan Gordon covering: "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

Read full article here: []

Barbara Saunders's curator insight, December 11, 2012 11:26 AM

Knowing what's coming and what's happening is 80% of the battle - positioning yourself properly is the rest.

C3 Consensus's curator insight, January 24, 2013 5:13 AM

Les tendances consommation pour l'année 2013

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Livre blanc «Réussir son projet mobile»

Livre blanc «Réussir son projet mobile» | SocialMediaDesign |

La France comptait déjà en Juillet 2012 plus de 20 millions d’utilisateurs réguliers de smartphones en France avec un taux de croissance de plus de 50% par rapport à 2011. Le mobile s’est imposé en quelques années comme un canal privilégié d’accès à l’internet.

L’internet mobile constitue aujourd’hui un enjeu majeur pour les marques. Etat des lieux des usages mobiles, chiffres clés, quelle stratégie mobile, site web mobile, application iPhone ou Android, WebApp, ... Avec ce livre blanc gratuit nous avons souhaité vous donner quelques clés, pistes de réflexion et conseils pour réussir votre projet mobile. Agence web & mobile depuis 1995, nous avons réalisé à ce jour plus de 100 applications ou site web mobiles dont : Ville de Nantes, Salle Pleyel, Salmson Nomade, Audencia Today, Ecole des Mines, ....

Pour télécharger le guide, remplissez le formulaire suivant et validez.

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