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50 Ways To Reach Your Reader #6: Newsletters & Mailing Lists | Successful Self-Publishing

50 Ways To Reach Your Reader #6: Newsletters & Mailing Lists | Successful Self-Publishing | SocialMediaDesign |
Indie authors often don't think about building a good e-mail database but an accurate and comprehensive database is a very valuable commodity.

Via Penelope
Penelope's curator insight, January 10, 2013 1:52 PM

Indie Authors should consider creating a database of readers who will look forward to your e-mails. Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) could disappear tomorrow, but you will still have your database close by. How to do this?


Create an opt-in or sign up form on your website or blog so your website visitors can subscribe easily. Make this very visible on all pages of your site with compelling ad copy to invite people to sign in. Remember to have an opt-out option as well. Sign up with a well-known email autoresponder service provider. What do you say other than, "BUY my book"?


Here are some ideas as to what you can send to your readers:


*  "Behind-the-scenes" reports of your experience with the publishing process (you could create videos)

*  Your creative process (what makes you tick?)

*  Tips about writing or publishing or anything related to the content of your books or anything that you, as an author, are expert on

*  Exclusive content -- recipes, photos, personal informationStories or poems

*  Breaking news about your subject matter (watch the headlines)

*  Interviews with other authors in your genre (I use Blog Talk Radio)

*  Book recommendations/reviews (Goodreads is great for this option)

*****This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on "Ebook Promotion and Marketing"*****


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From Curator To Publisher: When The Community Becomes The Book Editor

From Curator To Publisher: When The Community Becomes The Book Editor | SocialMediaDesign |

"Longreads crowdsources and curates its way to its first-ever ebook by pulling together the best long read articles from 2011 and making those into a commercial publication."


Megan Garber at The Atlantic has a great story on how an online community of long-form articles readers has moved its natural skill one step up by, making of its most valuable curated list, a commercial ebook.


From the article:


"At the end of last year, Longreads, one of the curators of lengthy, magazine-y stories that has sprung up to help fans of long-form journalism find great stuff online, released a list highlighting the top ten longreads of 2011.


The list included such savor-worthy pieces as Maria Bustillos' examination of David Foster Wallace's private self-help library, for The Awl; Jeff Wise's investigation into the crash of Air France 447, for Popular Mechanics; and Amy Harmon's exploration of adult autism, for The New York Times. The list was, in other words, fantastic.


Today, the list is taking a new form -- as an ebook, which is available for $6.99 on Amazon.


The folks at Longreads have licensed seven of the original collection's stories, working out a revenue sharing arrangement between the pieces' authors and the stories' original publishers to ensure that -- in vague IP-ese -- both content creators and rights-holders benefit from the book's sale."


Insightful. 8/10


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