the ANTHROPOLOGiST - platform and company of artists | Socialart |

Un bel exemple de Brand content. Une plateforme qui met en valeur des artistes choisis par coup de coeur d'une marque qui finance la plateforme.


"The Anthropologist is an online space that supports the work of inspiring individuals, brought to you by the people behind Anthropologie.

As a company of artists, Anthropologie was compelled to create a platform that not only celebrates artmakers and their work, but also illuminates the complicated, messy and exhilarating process of creation. This was our way of giving back to and deepening relationships with those who enrich our aesthetic
and stir our senses. Unedited and unreserved, the stories we share represent spirit and craft in their rawest forms, and were made just for us.

Our premise is simple: we expose those who move us in order to move you, knowing that sharing creativity in turn kindles it."


Via Jacques Urbanska, Kuenca