HTTP video accelerates at IBC2011 | Social TV is everywhere |

The last thing digital video needs is new jargon that fuels another cycle of hype. So here’s the quick case for spotlighting hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) video: In tech years, HTTP is not new, but ancient, or as old as the Internet; HTTP linked to video is proving to be a strong growth engine.


The longer defense is that HTTP provides a hook for the “multi-screen” and “over-the-top” (OTT) themes that dominated IBC 2011. The key is that in contrast to IPTV-centric protocols, HTTP focuses on the client—on whatever device and at the end of whatever network—and its so-called GETs, or means of retrieving information or video from a network server.


This protocol and its adaptive bit-rate (ABR) cousins have yet to conquer the world. In fact, a competing theme at IBC 2011 was “hybrid,” whose resurgence indicates “more longevity in broadcast,” said ADB VP Strategy Paul Bristow. Moreover, there were other categories of technology on display: advanced advertising, HD, 3D, Super Hi-Vision, content distribution networks (CDNs), conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) systems.

Via Nicolas Weil