Even though availability has been successful, Kent pointed out that adoption, on the other hand, has been disappointing. "In terms of availability, it's been a tremendous success; in terms of adoption, it has not been a success at this point," said Kent. "It's been disappointing." He explained that two main reasons for low adoption are not enough content and it being marketed poorly. He said that the authentication process for viewing content should be streamlined. "Wouldn't it be a great thing to have a single white sheet of paper that said ‘Here's how you go and register so you can get all this great content that's available now,' " said Kent. "I have yet to see a single distributor in any aggressive way put that out there." He said Turner would adopt that strategy. Kent said the biggest roadblock in terms of content seems to be that content providers wait until their channel agreements are up for renewal to negotiate TV Everywhere deals, thus slowing the process. "I don't think you have to wait for your four or five year channel renewal deal to come up with an operator to start letting our customers get access to this content,"  he said.

Via Peter Rosenberg