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Social on the GO!!!
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Rescooped by Nikola Pohlupkov from Online Collaboration Tools!

Easy Web-Based Videoconference and Screen-Sharing with eMeet.Me

Robin Good: is a new web-based online meeting service offering free videoconferencing, VoIP, screen-sharing, whiteboarding and text chat for up to 5 people.


Key features include:

-> Text chat

-> VoIP

-> Video

-> Screen-sharing

-> Whiteboard

-> File-sharing

-> Recording

-> Statistics and reports

-> Private or open meetings


The Pro version which allows you accomodate up to 20 participants per meeting costs $9/month. is accessible via any type of dekstop computer or tablet device.


Pricing detail: ;


More info: 

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Rescooped by Nikola Pohlupkov from Online Collaboration Tools!

Share What You See, Think and Where You Are While You're Calling: Sidecar

Robin Good: Sidecar is a mobile app for iOS and Android which allows you to make voice calls while enabling you to share video, images, notes or a map showing where you are in relationship to your other caller while you are talking.


Key features: 

a) See What I See Video: Sidecar users can share amazing real-time videos of what’s happening around them.


b) Photos: Sidecar users can easily share vivid photos at the click of a button.


c) Locations: Sidecar lets users look at an interactive map, see where they are in relation to the person they’re calling, and share locations to meet up.


d) Contact Information: Sidecar lets users pass along and integrate contacts from their phone’s address book.


e) Whisper Text: Send a private text message to another Sidecar user during a call, and keep the conversation going when it’s hard to talk.


Sidecar users can call anywhere in the world for free: As long as both parties are using the Sidecar app. 


Sidecar users can also call anyone in the US or Canada for free over Wi-Fi: The person you’re calling doesn’t need to have the app. (When you call, they’ll receive a text message telling them how to download Sidecar so next time you can use Sidecar’s exclusive smart calling features.)


(Calls to any number in the US or Canada from the Sidecar client over Wi-FI are free too. When using Sidecar over a 3G or 4G data connection, normal carrier charges for that service apply.)


Review on GigaOM: ;


Free to download and use.


for iPhone: ;

for Android:  


FAQ: ;

Find out more: 

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