Study: How Big Brands Are Using Tumblr | Social Networking With Facebook |

While Tumblr now has over 100 million blogs, it is still the most overlooked social media network for brands. Currently, only 31% of the top 100 brands have adopted a Tumblr account. Social media analytics and reporting platform Simply Measured performed a study showing just how these top brands were performing and some of the tactics employed.


Of these 31 companies tracked, 21 were active in the past 30-day period (July 5th through August 4th). This places Tumblr as the sixth most popular social network behind Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


Of the 21 active brands on Tumblr, 13 post 3+ times a week, 7 post daily (7+) and 6 posted more than 10 times a week.  Of the top brands active on Tumblr the average number of posts per day was 0.7 posts, with an average “note per post” of 1,462. The shelf-life on Tumblr engagement is much higher than other traditional social networks with 29% of reblogs occurring after the initial 30-day period. Even more, only 36% of reblogs happen on that same day, and posts will see 51% of total reblogs within the first week....

Via Jeff Domansky