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The Social Networker is an online publication from Networker Publications brought out by John Thomas, Dubai based Social Media Community Management Specialist, Editor and Social Curator. This journal is a collection of top stories curated from some of the most authoritative blogs and websites on Social Media, Technology and Gadgets.
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Rescooped by John Thomas from Digital Storytelling!

Seven steps to the perfect story

Seven steps to the perfect story | Social Networker |

Via José Carlos
John Thomas's insight:
Seven steps to the perfect story
Raquel Oliveira's curator insight, July 22, 2013 10:10 PM

um passo a passo simples, pra quem deseja incrementar a contacao de historias como ferramenta para desenhar aprendizados...

Lauren Scime's curator insight, July 25, 2013 4:46 PM

I would have to call this the "Joseph Campbell Lite" Infographic - still, a useful resource if only a reminder of the classic monomythic storytelling recipe.

Mervi Rauhala's curator insight, July 30, 2013 4:59 AM

Clever infographic!


Rescooped by John Thomas from Content Curation World!

New Interactive Storytelling And Publishing Platform For Content Creators And Curators: Qwiki

New Interactive Storytelling And Publishing Platform For Content Creators And Curators: Qwiki | Social Networker |

Excerpted from the original article on GigaOM: "Qwiki, the start-up known for creating automated multimedia presentations, is launching a new media format that allows publishers, bloggers, web personalities and others to create 60-second video stories that are embedded with other videos, images, maps and links.


It’s like an interactive video slideshow that lets users click on other content throughout a narrated story, so they can choose how deep they want to experience the content.


The service goes into private testing today with some early users and is expected to open to the public in a couple of weeks.


Users can put together a Qwiki by arranging images, videos and maps and other content into six frames.


Each frame can be further edited with a caption and embedded with more images, Tweets, maps and links taken from sources such as YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps and other sources including their personal content.


When the media content is laid down, a user records a 60-second narration for the story with the option of appearing in a small window throughout the Qwiki. The creator decides when to advance each frame.


Imbruce, Founder and CEO, said: "...there are many more features to be added that could make Qwiki even more attractive to its creators and users.


Right now, creators can only tell a 60-second story. But with the ability to add more content, it could really be the starting point for a bigger story. I think over time, Qwiki might be better served by allowing people the option to make videos a little longer.


New online tools, such as Pinterest, are already showing us that self-expression and curation are now very popular. I think it’s logical that a simple tool for mixing video, images and online content could also attract an audience..."


Read the full article:


Check out it:

Via Giuseppe Mauriello, Robin Good
Glen Gatin's comment, May 25, 2012 4:58 PM
Signed up for it but they are playing the Pinterest game, dangling, appetite whetting. Might put me off the whole thing as it did with Pinterest.