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Take a look at the brands on social media who are doing a good job not taking themselves too seriously.


There are quite a few factors that go into what makes a brand "followable" in social media. Think about it from the follower's perspective -- why do you choose to 'like' or follow certain brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter? It could be because they share valuable, educational content that appeals to your interests and needs. Or it could be that they give you access to exclusive deals, coupons, or other promotions. Or maybe they're just ridiculously funny.

Truthfully, the best brands to follow in social media should probably have a combination of all those characteristics. But I'd venture to say that many of you are following a brand simply for its entertainment value. (I know I am.) You know -- the brands that really tickle your funny bone and sometimes even make your sides hurt from laughter. You just can't help but follow them, and you've probably shared some of their updates with your own network, expanding that brand's social media reach. And while it may not seem like a funny update has any value, surely there's value in showing off your personality and being a lovable brand, right?


So the next time you're planning your social media updates, why not incorporate a little humor here and there? To help bring out your inner comedian, we've compiled a list of brands whose social media presence gives us the giggles. We're warning you though, by the time you're done with this post, your cheeks might be a tad bit on the sore side.

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By Pamela Vaughan


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