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From a young age we are told to be polite, listen, say please and thank you and generally respect those around us regardless of their socioeconomic status. So why is that so many people get their social media etiquette all wrong?


How to Get Your Social Media Etiquette Right!


1) Listen

2) Do Make Time

3) Don’t come across like a broken record

4) Keep Track of Your Engagements

5) Do respond in a timely fashion

6) Don’t be afraid to let go of your content

7) Do Take care of how you represent yourself

8) Don’t take social media lightly

9) Don’t highjack other peoples’ subject matter

10) Don’t ignore negative comments

11) Don’t Sell Sell Sell


A rule of thumb when thinking about social media etiquette is this: if you wouldn’t do it in the real world, while standing on a crowded bus, in a restaurant or a convention then don’t do it!


By James Debono

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