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12 Keys to Success on Twitter

12 Keys to Success on Twitter | Social Mind |

Twitter was never designed to be a social network but it has become one.

In fact it was designed initially in 2006 to used by individuals as an SMS type service to communicate with a small group at the podcasting company Odeo.


When I first joined Twitter in 2008, I was underwhelmed and wondered as to its usefulness. Its early attraction to me was its novelty factor.


It has overcome this challenge and four years later it has built an impressive resume.

Over 140 million active users as of 2012 Generates over 340 million tweets daily Handles over 1.6 billion search queries per day Tenth most visited site on the internet


In the nearly six years since its founding over 600 million users have registered Twitter accounts.


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Reddit: A Beginner's Guide

Reddit: A Beginner's Guide | Social Mind |
Spend some quality time with Reddit -- you'll find it an essential resource, a self-correcting marketplace of ideas. Get started with our guide.


To the uninitiated, Reddit looks like a mess — text links, comment threads, points, upvotes, downvotes. At best, posts seem contextless — at worst, totally random.


But spend some quality time with “The Front Page of the Internet,” and you’ll find it’s an essential resource, a self-correcting marketplace of ideas that’s nearly impervious to marketers.


Simply put, Reddit is a message board wherein users submit links. What differentiates it from a real-time information network like Twitter is that the stream of content is curated by the community. Items of value are “upvoted,” and those deemed unworthy are “downvoted.” This determines a post’s position on the site, and items that hit the front page are seen by hundreds of thousands of people (consequently, sending boatloads of traffic to the linked website).


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