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Green Building to Accelerate, Survey Finds

Green Building to Accelerate, Survey Finds | Social Mercor |

Construction companies worldwide are shifting their business toward green building, with 51 percent of respondents to a survey by research firm McGraw-Hill Construction saying they expect more than 60 percent of their work to be green by 2015.

This is a significant increase from the 28 percent that said the same for their work in 2013 and the 13 percent in 2008, according to the company’s latest SmartMarket Report, World Green Building Trends.

This trend is not localized to one country or region; fom 2012 to 2015, the number of firms anticipating that more than 60 percent of their work will be green more than triples in South Africa; more than doubles in Germany, Norway and Brazil; and grows between 33 and 68 percent in the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Australia, the report says...

Via Lauren Moss, knowledgEnabler
Mercor's insight:

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Jim Gramata's curator insight, March 5, 2013 8:50 PM

I think this will be the true global tipping point once big business sees there is so much money to be made in the green movement. It remains to be seen if that ends up being a good thing but the momentum is shifting and that is certainly good.


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Orange s'installe dans des bureaux en bois - Le Figaro

Orange s'installe dans des bureaux en bois - Le Figaro | Social Mercor |


Une démarche déjà testée pour des maisons mais une sacrée nouveauté dans les bureaux où, en France, le béton règne en maître.



Via Ellesse
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Swooping Bamboo Structure Highlights Innovative Use of Local Materials

Swooping Bamboo Structure Highlights Innovative Use of Local Materials | Social Mercor |

Using local materials, this impressive bamboo structure features a microcosm of imaginative spaces designed for a range of playful activities.


This incredible bamboo structure, by Dutch firm 24H-architecture, is part of the Soneva Kiri eco-resort on the island of Koh Kood, Thailand. Designed as a children's activity and learning center, the fantastic interiors are bound to impress even the most stoic grown-up.

Evoking the fluid shape of a manta ray, the center is located on a rocky slope overlooking the bay, with a large canopy of bamboo shingles sheltering the open interior of "mini-structures". The structure uses locally-sourced bamboo stalks of all sizes, ranging from the large main columns that are anchored into concrete footings to the other structural members that are grouped together using nuts and bolts and natural fiber lashings.

From the architects:

The design adopts all bioclimatic aspects to suits its humid tropical environment. The roof cantilevers up to 8 metres, acting like a big umbrella providing shade and protection from the heavy rains. The open design with the translucent elevated rooftop and setback floors allow a natural airflow inside and the use of natural daylight, limiting the building’s energy consumption.

Via Lauren Moss, scatol8
Mercor's insight:

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