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Influence: What Are Tools Like Klout Really Measuring?

Influence: What Are Tools Like Klout Really Measuring? | SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about! |

A very interesting comparison of several measurement tools and what they really measure. [note mg]

For marketers, PR professionals and customer service teams, personal influence measurement tools can save time and help facilitate business decisions. Tools such as Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and TweetLevel are being used by brands to rank the relative importance of customers and prospects, prioritize customer service responses, and identify groups of influencers to target with perks and product sampling promotions.

But what are these personal influence measurement tools really measuring? Are they really an effective way to understand which of your customers are more influential?

It is easy to understand influence as a concept; if you can get other people to do something, you have influence. But it’s not at all easy to define how you would measure influence. As Nathan Gilliatt has pointed out, there is no such thing as a “unit of influence” – an observable, measurable event that reflects influence.

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Stephen Dale's curator insight, April 14, 2014 11:56 AM

Social reputation and social influence are becoming as important (if not more important) than your paper-based CV and your real-world network. But can they be empirically measured, and if so, what does your score actually mean? This article gives an overview of some of the products/services that purport to give you an influence score. Whether you take it seriously is entirely up to you!

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Klout has competition, Peoplebrowsr announces new social influence tracker, ‘Kred’

Klout has competition, Peoplebrowsr announces new social influence tracker, ‘Kred’ | SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about! |

I was able to sit down with the Peoplebrowsr team this week to get a sneak peek of a new service by the company called “Kred“.


They shared a quote with us.


Time Magazine says: Influence is impossible to measure.


Kred is most certainly an instant competitor to Klout, who calls its service the “Standard of Influence”. Peoplebrowsr wants to calculate influence in a different way, in a community way and transparently...

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Social Media Breakdown: How Kred Can Make Your Business Smarter | Blog | Daily Dose

Social Media Breakdown: How Kred Can Make Your Business Smarter  | Blog | Daily Dose | SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about! |

In today's social-media obsessed world, there are many analytical tools and companies to help you measure your online influence. was one of the first on the scene in September 2009, measuring -- on a scale of 1 to 100 -- your online influence on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Since launching, the company added LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare and most recently Google + to its algorithm. A company's "klout scores" have been used to target influencers and provide perks ranging from Hollywood studio film premiere tickets to Spotifyinvites.

While Klout has pretty much owned the social-media influence market, some are questioning the reliability of the company's data and "score."

Enter, Kred, which is a social-media scoring system that seeks to measure a person's online influence. But Kred, which was created by the San Francisco-based social analytics firm PeopleBrowsr, attempts to also measure a person or company's engagement, or as they call it, outreach. PeopleBrowsr hopes that that combination can offer a more informed metric for non-celebrities like entrepreneurs and those whom they follow and look to for advice...

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