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IIS Server through the eyes of an SEO


Disclaimer: This post is long and technical, but has been lovingly paraphrased for the benefit of non-technical SEOs to get involved and step out of their comfort zone. Recently, I’ve had to deal with sites running on IIS and rather than just prescribing universal SEO fixes, I decided to get my hands really, really dirty. This is what I’ve learned…


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1. Brief explanation of what IIS is
2. Why SEOs should care about IIS
3. How to get a free, super powerful crawler – You need Windows 7
4. IIS "out of the box SEO faults" you need to know about
5. The Chaining 301 disease and a way to fix it
6. Interview / SEO Resource guide for IIS 7+ - with Mark Ridley
7. Possible sexual attraction to Microsoft products...