SXSW: Four Significant Themes for Brands | Social Media Today | Social Media Useful Info |
Despite all the noise, four major themes have emerged from the countless panel sessions at SXSW 2013:

  • platform fatigue - it is clear that companies and consumers are tired of constantly chasing the next new thing and many brands simply don't have the time and resources to build communities across multiple platforms.,
  • app fatigue - various media reports and conversations also referenced app fatigue. The simple fact is that any new app that's looking to stand out from the crowd has a significantly higher bar to get over than in the past.
  • the ascendancy of big data - the common theme: big data has a long way to go, though its promise and opportunity are enormous.
  • the comparative value of renting online real estate and owning it - "Social media channels are "rented" properties. You must have your own real estate (blog, yes even a website) #sxsw — Carie Lewis @cariegrls March 9, 2013

by Trevor Jonas