Business in a Social Media World
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You never know who is watching you


"Brought to you by Cendrine Marrouat, who I think is simply brilliant." When I caught this mention in an email last night (thank you, Talkwalker Alerts!), I immediately clicked on the link to see w...
Cendrine Marrouat -

I find most of my inspiration for articles from emails I receive. This post is no exception. 


There is a lot to be said about companies that still focus on numbers and ROI rather than audiences. But a little reality check always goes a long way. 


Social media is a formidable platform. However it is also dangerous, because everyone has a voice.


And when everyone has a voice, they won't be afraid to use it...

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Twitter, Facebook, and Airtime Are Waging War Against The Internet’s Stupidity | TechCrunch


The Web is overrun with dumb hashtags, chart-topping fart apps, and guys just waiting to show you their d*cks. But with this week’s launch of Twitter’s Tailored Trends, Facebook’s App Center, and Airtime’s safety net, some tech companies are fighting back.


If you can’t get people to act smarter, at least you can hide their idiocy, and that’s what each of these products does. But can we make the Internet smarter and safer with without whitewashing away differing opinions and locking ourselves in an echochamber?

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