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50 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Know


Nowadays, just about everyone can consider themselves a blogger. The tools and plugins made available online are making it even easier to break into the blogging scene.
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Curate Your Content From Within WordPress: PageOne Curator


Robin Good: PageOne Curator is a new plugin software for WordPress which allows anyone to easily integrate images, video, news and other content coming from other sources.


PageOne Curator provides funciotnalities to easily tap into selected RSS feeds and to search directly the major content and multimedia search engines out there.


Pulling in content is as simple as clicking a button, or if you want to have full control over what you excerpt as simple as as selecting and copying and pasting what you need.


The new software is in beta and is accessible for now by invitations only. 


You can sign-up for a spot or get more info: ;

Marcello Cosa's comment, March 31, 2012 7:26 AM
Grande Robin! Me lo consigli per il mio futuro sito, visto che lo vorrei realizzare su Wordpress?