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Creating slide decks is a regular practice for many marketers. And whether those presentations are meant for industry speaking gigs or educational webinars, all those slides can have some great traffic and lead gen potential beyond their originally intended use.


In fact, one of the most powerful marketing platforms for visual content is the versatile presentation platform, SlideShare, and it's a great platform for getting even more out of your slide presentations.


7 easy tips to ensure that your slideshow content is primed to generate more traffic and conversions.


1) Treat Title Slides Like Video Thumbnails

2) Leverage Guest Blogging to Get Early Exposure

3) Use Presentations as Teasers/Previews for the Full Content

4) Remember SEO

5) Understand Who Comprises SlideShare's Audience

6) Don't Be Afraid to Get Detailed

7) Design Beautiful Presentations


by Gregory Ciotti

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Via John van den Brink